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Ash (Esch), Russell T.
B: 03 May 1907
M: 05 May 1934, Florence Maria Johnson
b. 27 Nov 1908, in Alborn, MN

FN: Thomas Ash
MN: Unknown

Children of Russell T. Ash and Florence Maria Johnson:

Florence Marie Ash
B: Minneapolis, MN
M: Evans

Sandra (Sandy) Ash
B: 30 Apr 1945, Richmond, CA
M: Janney

Russell T. Ash (Esch) lived on the Joe River farm and later moved to St. Vincent. He had a lot of relatives in Kittson County and Canada. His parents were Thomas Ash (Esch) whose family came from Alsace and Esther Johnson. They had 5 children and my father was the eldest. The younger ones were Marjory (Marge), Muriel and Nora, the youngest being Roy, who was 12 years younger than my father so I believe he was probably born in 1919. My mother taught school, either in St. Vincent or nearby, where she met my father. She had Roy in her class. My mother, Florence Marie Johnson married Russell T. Ash in 1935 either in a small farming community outside of Duluth, Minn where her family lived or in Minneapolis, MN. where she was then living and where I was born. I remember as a child visiting several of my father's relatives, aunts and uncles. I especially remember Vida Ash (who often came to Minneapolis and later California to visit us) and Uncle John and his sister who lived with him somewhere near St. Vincent. I never thought I would forget her name but I have. I will have to find the old family picture and maybe I will remember her name that way. There was also an uncle Vic who lived to nearly 100. I am uncertain if he was related to my father through his father's or mother's side. When my mother was in her last illness, I found a handmade Christening outfit that my mother said was made by my grandmother Esther Johnson for my father when he was born in 1907. My sister and I sent it to the museum in St. Vincent. Nora and Muriel married Clow brothers and lived and died in St. Vincent. Roy married Marion and lived in Millaca, MN. until his death. My father and wife and child (me) moved to Richmond, California in 1942 and my sister, Sandra, was born there in 1946. 

Marie Ash Evans


Marie Ash Evans

Sandra (Sandy) Ash Janney