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Vaughan, Edwin Ashley, Dr.
B: 06 Sep 1822
D: 14 Apr 1866, New Richmond, Quebec, Canada in a storm (Chaleur Bay) on a ship returning to PEI.
M: 21 Feb 1850, Ellen Cody on PEI who was b. 06 May 1833 d. 1923, West Somerville, MA, USA at age 91.


Dr. Edwin Ashley Vaughan immigrated from England to PEI around 1846. He graduated from Oxford University and from the London College of Physicians and Surgeons. At the age of twenty-eight, he met Ellen Cody, age seventeen, and they were married on February 21, 1850 on PEI. Seven children were born between 1851 to 1866.

Ellen Cody was born on PEI. Her father was a farmer at PEI and her mother's family, the Stewarts, were also farmers and lived on PEI. They were originally from Scotland. When Doctor Vaughan died in 1866, Ellen was a young widow, age 33, with four children. When the children were older they all moved to the United States. She died in West Somerville, MA in 1923 and was returned home to PEI for burial. She is buried at St. Eleanors.

Children of Edwin Ashley Vaughan and Ellen Cody:

Ada Vaughan
B: 10 Jan 1851
D: 31 Jan 1935, Boston, MA, Buried at St. Eleanors, PEI
M: Never married. She became a nurse and took care of Ellen Cody Vaughan, until she died in 1924. Ada was returned to St. Eleanors, PEI for burial.

Mary Eliza Vaughan
B: 02 Aug 1852
Baptized:  by the Rev. Herbert Read, Incumbent of St. Eleanors, PEI, B.N.A.
M: Joseph Clark. At present there is no additional information regarding Mary Eliza.

Roland Hill Vaughan
B: 02 Oct 1854
D: 26 Jan 1862, age seven, diphtheria.

Edwin Wm. Wynne Vaughan
B: Sep 1856
D: 29 Dec 1862, age six,  born September, 1856, diphtheria.

Sidney John Vaughan
B: Sep 1858
Baptized: by the Rev. Archdeacon Read, St. Eleanors, PEI, B.N.A.
D: 24 Nov 1908, Boston, MA and returned to Central Bedeque, PEI for burial.
M: 1884, Rachel Brewer Waugh. Rachel was a PEI girl, dau of James and Edith Waugh who were farmers. Her grandpartents immigrated to PEI in 1850 before the Great Irish Migration to America. After her husband's death, she eventually moved back to PEI and married Ewen Clark. Sidney is buried in Central Bedeque, PEI.

Children of Sidney John Vaughan and Rachel Brewer Waugh:

Chester Vaughan
B: 1885
D: 1892, diptheria

Clara Vaughan
B: 1888
M: Edwin P. Gaffney

Children of Edwin Gaffney and Clara Vaughan

Richard Vaughan Gaffney
M: 1934, Marthe Cleo DeGagne

Children of Richard Gaffney and Marthe DeGagne:

Richard Myrick Gaffney
B: 31 Aug 1910

James Earland Vaughan
B: Mar 1897
M: Mildren Swenson

James Earland Vaughan, son of Sidney John Vaughan, lived with his wife Mildred Swensen Vaughan, in Waterville, ME for many years and had 2 daughters, Janet and Cynthia. Janet went on to become Miss Maine of 1955; however, later was killed in an automobile accident, 3 weeks after she was married in 1964. Janet had taught English in MA at Chelmsford High School. Cynthia died of infantile paralysis at age 16. 

Harry Broadhurst Vaughan
B: 22 Jun 1863
D: 24 Sep 1865, age 15 mon5ths, diphtheria.

Edwin Ashley Vaughan (Jr.)
B: 06 May 1866
Baptized: 02 Mar 1869, Rev. R. W. Dyer,
St. Peter's Anglican Church, Alberton, PEI,
D: 16 Dec 1923, at the State Infirmary in Tewksbury, MA
M: 25 mar 1895, Mary Frances Haskins in Boston.

Children of Edwin Ashley Vaughan, Jr. and Mary Frances Haskins:

Chester Vaughan
D: 17 Nov 1896, at 7 months.

Harold Richard Vaughan (Previously Richard Harold and then Harold Edwin Vaughan)
B: 16 Dec 1897
D: 07 Jan 1972, Malden, MA
M: (1) 10 Sep 1934, Catherine Virginia McGee of Everett, MA dau of Thomas McGee and Mary Theresa Costigan.

Children of Harold Richard Vaughan and Catherine Virginia McGee:

Richard Harold Vaughan
B: 21 Aug 1935
M: (1) Susan Murphy
M: (2) Jacqueliine Murphy

Children of Richard Vaughan and Susan Murphy:

Denis Michael Vaughan

Jonathan Peter Vaughan

Katherine (Kathy) Vaughan

Children of Richard Vaughan and Jacqueline Murphy:

Kerry Kaitlin

David Alan Vaughan
B: 07 Dec 1938
M: Nancy Liveoak

Adopted Nancy's natural children:

Frank Bradley
M: Susanna Rozsnyai

Children of Frank Bradley and Susanna Rozsnyai:

Jackson Davis

Michelle Dana

Children of Michelle:

Dean Hunter

Faith Elizabeth

Henry Davis

Terrence M. (nee, Denis Charles Vaughan
B: 01 Mar 1942
M: Evelina Alexeeva

Children of Terrence M. Vaughan and Evelina Alexeeva:

Ada Anastasia Vaughan

Mary Amata Vaughan
B: 06 Mar 1951
M: Mason Swearingen

Children of Mason Swearingen and Mary Amata Vaughan:

Christopher Swearingen

Katie Swearingen



David A. Vaughan
565 Sycamore Street
Madison, Georgia 30650

Terrance Vaughan
Kennebunk, Maine