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This site starts with John Balderston born in 1777 in England whose page is highlighted below. All of the pages are linked so you may start with him and follow through, or go direct to the following links:

Balderston, Alexander b. 1859 m. (1) Mary I. McRae or MacRae (2) Sarah Ann McDonald

Balderston, Benjamin b. 1803 m. Elizabeth Deacon

Balderston, Benjamin b. 1843 m. Mary M. Heustis

Balderston, Benjamin Foster b. 1877 m. Lillie Fitzpatrick

Balderston, Bernice b. - m. (1) Mandel Davis (2) Lou Cossolotto

Balderston, Betty b. - m. Gordon Boen

Balderston, Cecil Sheldon b. 1904 m. Mary Weber (or Uber?)

Balderston, Duane b. 1933 m. Darlene Vagle

Balderston, Earl b. 1906 m. Unknown

Balderston, Ernest b. - m. Florence Unknown

Balderston, Faye Matilda b. 1920 m. Carl Lyberg

Balderston, George Deacon b. 1846 m. Eliza Cross Hyde

Balderston, Hazelle Ernestine b. 1915 m. Willie Viereck

Balderston, Jessie b. 1860 m. Samuel Nicholson

Balderston, John b. 1777 m. Ann McKenzie

Balderston, John b. 1826 m. Mary McKenzie

Balderston, John b. 1831 m. Sarah L. Weeks

Balderston, Lawrence Eugene b. 1906 m. Alta Sorgenfrey

Balderston, Madrienne Janet b. 1917 m. Lewis Larter

Balderston, Mae Martine b. 1902 m. Oscar Bublitz

Balderston, Margaret b. 1906 m Levi Diamond

Balderston, Marion b. 1911 m. Herbert Hoover

Balderston, Murdock b. 1864 m. (1) Margaret Jane McRae (2) Christina Stewart Carr

Balderston, Myrtle b. 1911 m. Harold Larter

Balderston, Remas Ernest b. 1923 m. Arlene Shamba

Balderston, Rose b. 1916 m. Ronald McDonell

Balderston, Theophilus W. H. b. 1862 m. Emily Jane Darke

Balderston, Viola b. 1927 m. Robert Jensen

Balderston, Virgil b. 1935 m. (1) Terry Unknown (2) Mary Unknown

Balderston, William C. b. 1926 m. Jewelle Sjostrand

Balderston, William Charles b. 1849 m. (1) Matilda Ann Hinton (2) Jane Unknown

Balderston, William Ernest b. 1875 m. Florance Marie Fitzgerald


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