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Beaton, John McKenzie
B: 22 Jan 1854
M: 28 Apr 1892, Julia Ann House Brown, dau of Robert Graham Brown and Letitia House Brown.

FN: Peter Beaton
MN: Mary McKenzie

John Mckenzie stayed at home and worked the farm till both his parents passed away, and he inherited it. John married on April 28, 1892, Julia Ann House Brown, only daughter of Robert Graham Brown, and Letitia House Brown.

John and Julia stayed on the farm and raised seven children, May Letitia "Lula", born July 18th, 1893, Jessie Elizabeth, born October 15th, 1895, Robert Peter, born November 10th, 1897, Bessie Arvine June 6th, 1899, Donald Alexander, born March 31st, 1902, George Brown, born July 31st, 1904, and Jarvis Raymond, born March 15th, 1910.

Children of John McKenzie Beaton and Julia Ann House Brown:

May Letitia (Lula) Beaton
B: 18 Jul 1893

Jessie Elizabeth Beaton
B: 15 Oct 1895

Robert Peter Beaton
B: 10 Nov 1897

Bessie Arvine Beaton
B: 06 Jun 1899

Donald Alexander Beaton
B: 31 Mar 1902
M: 29 Jul 1925, Thelma Lorraine, "Piggott"

George Brown Beaton
B: 31 Jul 1904

Jarvis Raymond Beaton
B: 15 Mar 1910