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Bengston, Delmer
B: 27 Jun 1919
M: 27 Oct 1947, Judith Larson, dau of Mr. & Mrs. Axel Larson. She was the oldest of six children, the others being: Ruth, Walter, Melba, Louise, and Marvin.

FN: Sigfried Bengston
M: Ida Lundquist

Children of Delmer Bengston and Judith Larson:

Dianne Bengston
B: 23 Dec 1949
M: 1974, Bill Nyquist

Child of Bill Nyquist and Dianne Bengston:

Blake Nyquist b. 02 May 1978

Pamela Bengston
B: 21 Feb 1952
M: 1972, Geoff Bentley

Children of Geoff Bentley and Pamela Bengston:

Erik Bentley
Sarah Bentley

Kelly Bengston
B: 16 Oct 1958