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Bernath, Clemens Henry
B: 14 Jun 1877, Palmerston, Ontario, Canada
D: 15 Jan 1941, Valusia, Florida, while lawn bowling.
M: 06 Jun 1906, Harriet "Hattie"Andrew
b. Howick, Ont. Canada, b. 09/10/1879 d. 10/24/1943. Both buried: Harriston, Ontario, Sections R to U]

FN: Clemens Bernath
MN: Margaret Donneral

Children of Clemens Henry Bernath and Harriet Andrew:

Harriet Mildred Bernath
B: 23 May 1910, Harriston, Ontario, Canada
D: 17 Jan 1990, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.
Buried: Harriston, Ontario, Canada [Sections R to U]
M: 25 Aug 1938, Frederick "Ted" Andrews Hucks, at Harriston, Ontario;
b. 04/08/1910 d. 09/20/1980 Buried: Harriston, ON, Sections R to U