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Hans Konrad Bernat (same as Conrad I)
B: 14 Mar 1804, Thayngen, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
D: 02 Nov 1887, Knox Presbyterian Cemetery, Cranbrook, Ontario, Canada
M: 17 Feb 1831, Barbara Ogg, at Thayngen, Switzerland, dau of Clemens Ogg and Magdalena Lenhard.

FN: Laurenz Leonhart Bernat [1772-1849]
MN: Barbara Lenhard [1773-1836]

Barbara Ogg

B: 20 Oct 1802, Thayngen, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
D: 23 Jan 1856, Thayngen, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
M: 17 Feb 1831, Hans Conrad Bernat, Thayngen, at Thayngen, Switzerland
FN: Clemens Ogg
MN: Magdalena Lenhard

Settled 1859 in Ethel, Grey Township, Concession X, Lot 29, Huron, lot size 50 acres.

Children of Hans Konrad Bernat and Barbara Ogg:

Clemens Bernath - Emigrated to Canada, prior to 1857
B: 11 Dec 1831, Thayngen, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
D: 21 Apr 1916, Palmerston, Ontario, Section O
M: 26 Dec 1861, Margaret Donneral, at Vaughn Twp., York Co., ON, Canada
b. 02/11/1839 d. 04/16/1918 at Palmerston, Ontario, Canada [Section O]

Johannes [John] Bernath, Sr., Emigrated to Australia (01/25/1858)
B: 08 Apr 1833, Thayngen, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
D: 29 Nov 1891, Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Buried: Lethbridge, Victoria, Aust.
M: 19 Jul 1866, Anna Maria Herre, Luth. Church, Melbourne, Aus.; d. 08/20/1880

Barbara Bernath, Emigrated to Grey Township, Canada [Spring, 1857]
B: 22 Feb 1835, Thayngen, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
D: 1874-5, Ethel, Ontario, Canada. Knox Presbyterian, Cranbrook, Ontario, Canada
M: 1858-9, Reinhard Rupp [?], at Ethel, Ontario, Canada b. 1833, Idorf, Germany; d. Sept. [?], 1899

Conrad Bernath II, Emigrated to Canada [Spring, 1857]
B: 28 Mar 1837, Thayngen, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
D: 21 Jan 1912, West Avenue, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada
M: Matilda "Aunt Conrad" Sheard [?] at Brussels, Ontario, Canada
Note: Conrad took over his father's farm in Grey Township.

Jacob Bernath, Emigrated to Canada [Spring, 1857]
B: 17 Oct 1838, Thayngen, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
D: 1872, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada,
Knox Presbyterian, Cranbrook, Ontario, Canada
M: (1) 31 Mar 1864, Ann Dalziel, at Nashville, Ontario, Canada, at Vaughn Township, York County, Ontario, Canada b. 01/26/1843 d. 12/18/1866 at Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada
M: (2) 1870, Hannah Snell, Vaughan Twp., York, Ontario, Canada
Note: He was a railroader on the Toronto-Bruce Railway line.

Johann George Bernath, Emigrated to Canada [Spring, 1857]; Emigrated to Kittson County, Minnesota, 1879
B: 21 Sep 1840, Thayngen, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
D: 30 Sep 1916, St. Vincent, Minnesota
M: Oct ?, Catherine Donneral, at York County, Ontario, Canada b. 06/24/1842 at Alsace [Bas-Rhin] d. 7/16/1914 at St. Vincent, MN

Late in the Fifteenth Century, Lazarus Berna emigrated to Thayngen, Canton Schaffhausen, Switzerland from the vicinity of Debreden, Hungary. Over the years, the family name was altered to Bernat, and then to Bernath. Beginning In the mid-Nineteenth Century, some of his descendants bagan to emigrate from Thayngen to North America and Australia, although Thayngen remains a Bernath center. In 2000, there were twenty-four Bernath entries in the town's telephone directory. There are also many Bernath families in the North America that trace their lineage directly to Hungary.

The Kanton Schaffhausen Familienschien indicates that only the children of Hans Konrad Bernath and Barbara Ogg Bernath emigrated from Thayngen, that the eldest son Clemens, emigrated to North America prior to his mother's death in 1856, that four of his siblings followed in 1857, and that another Brother, Johannes, emigrated to Australia the following year. But in fact, the widowed Hans Konrad did accompany five of his children to North America. The KSF gives his birthdate as March 14, 1804. He died November 21, 1871-2 and is buried in Knox Presbyterian Cemetery, Cranbrook, Ontario.

Hans Konrad and his children landed in New York, intending to settle in the United States, but because he feared his sons would be conscripted to fight in the American Civil War, the family settled in Canada. By 1859, they had established themselves on a farm near Ethel, Ontario. [Concession 10, Lot 39, Grey Twp., Huron County]. Clemens later farmed in Wellington County, [The 10th of Wallace], Barbara married the farmer on an adjacent farm, Conrad farmed with his father, and Jacob became a railroader. In 1879, Johann George returned to the United States, homesteading in the Joe River community, near St. Vincent Minnesota.

Johann, who, with four friends, had headed to Australia aboard the Scottish Chief, would settle near Geelong, Victoria, fail at growing grapevines, raise "stoned" fruits instead, and fail at that enterprise as well.

Within a century-and-a-half, Hans Konrad and Barbara's descendants had settled in the Canadian Provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia; the U.S. States of Minnesota, North Dakota, Washington, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York; and in the Australian States of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

This is their genealogical record, set-down by Violet Bernath [1910-1988], Francis Wilcoxon Bernath [1908-], Alice S. Vine [1929-], Marlys Green Robinson [1931-], Jean Black Stewart [1931], Harland Beery [1933], Mary Hucks Norcliffe [1942], Robert William Bernath [1945-], and Russell Milfred Hart [1944-].

It has many gaps and will continually require fresh addenda. It will never be finished. But from the beginning until now, someone has stepped forward to carry it into the next generation. My prayer is that I will not be the last to do so.

- - Russell Milfred Hart, Christmas, 2001 , Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania