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Bernath, Harriet Mildred
B: 23 May 1910, Harriston, Ontario, Canada
D: 17 Jan 1990, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
. dp Harriston, Ontario, Canada
M: 25 Aug 1938, Frederick "Ted" Andrews Hucks, at Harriston, Ontario b.04/08/1910 d. 09/20/1980 dp. Harriston, ON

FN: Clemens Henry Bernath
MN: Harriet Andrew

Children of Frederick "Ted" Andrews Hucks and Harriet Mildred Bernath:

Mary Mildred Hucks
B: 29 Jan 1942, Picton, Ontario, Canada
M: 05 Aug 1967, Glen Boden Norcliffe, at Toronto, Ontario, Canada
b. 08/05/1943

John Frederick Bernath Hucks
B: 09 Feb 1946, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
M: 03 Oct 1970, Cynthia Joanne Spencer, at Toronto, Ontario, Canada
b. 03/03/1948