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Blide, John Alfred
B: 10 Sep 1855, Fullestad, Vastergotland, Sweden
E: Emigrated to Hallock, MN 1882
D: 07 APR 1930
M: 03 Nov 1878, Anna Katrina Danielson (Danielsdotter) b. 21 Apr 1858 d. Feb 1922

FN: Johannes Andersson Blid (or Blide)
MN: Anna Svensdotter (b. 1819-)

Children of John Alfred Blide and Anna Katrina Danielson:

Henning Blide

Elida Theresa Blide

Martin Blide

Ellen Blide

Naomi Blide

Joseph Blide

Edythe Blide

Paul Blide
M: Anne Hansen

Children of Paul Blide and Anne Hansen:

Martha Blide
M: E. O. Stewart

Louise Blide
M: Deane Schaefer

Paul Blide, Jr.

Susanna Blide

Erhard Blide
B: 14 Jun 1898, Hallock, MN
M: 07 Dec 1922, Clara Olen

Children of Erhard Blide and Clara Olen:

Mary Joan Blide
M: Milton Craigmile

Children of Milton Craigmile and Mary Joan Blide:

Russell Craigmile

Carol Craigmile
M: Lt. Jack L. Bailey, Jr.

Thomas Craigmile

Vendla Blide

Vendler Blide

The couple was married in Gustav Adolf parish on Jan, 1 1866 and had, in addition to the children mentioned on your website, a son Johan Vilhelm (Dec, 12 1866-Mar, 13 1867) and a daughter Matilda Karolina (Jan, 20 1877-Jan, 17 1880) and the family left Sweden in April 1882. Their second daughter Johanna Maria, who also is on the webpage, was born in Sweden (Mar, 15 1880) too.

John Alfred Blide (b 1855) was the son of Johannes Andersson Blid (1818-1885) and Anna Svensdotter (1819-) and was called Johan Alfred in Sweden. His wife, Anna Katarina (Kajsa) was the daughter of Daniel Persson (1822-1887) and Katarina Persdotter (1829-). In May 1887, Katarina Persdotter also emigrated to the US together with her son August Danielsson (b Mar, 11 1872), her daughter Katarina Danielsdotter (b Sep, 8 1865), son-in-law (married to Katarina D) Johan Håkansson (b Nov, 11 1862) and grandson Einar Sigfrid (b May, 30 1886)