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Brander, Mary
B: 1831, Chatham, NB
D: Bur Maine
M: Robert Alexander Henderson b. 1830, lived in South Portland, Maine. He is brother of Thomas Henderson, who married Elizabeth Brander.

FN: John Brander
MN: Nancy Matthews

Children of Robert Alexander Henderson and Mary Brander:

1. John Brander Henderson
M: Barbara Archibald

1. Ruth Henderson m. Anson Berry

1. Barbara Berry m. James Roberts

2. Greta Henderson

3. Edith Henderson

Greta and Edith owned and operated a beauty shop in St. Petersburg, Florida

2. Charlote Evelyn Henderson
M: Freeman Gardner, lived in South Portland, Maine

1. Emma Gardner b. South Portland, Maine m. Harold Stubbs and lived in Florida

1. Charlotte Stubbs m. Unknown Haney

1. Unknown Haney

2. Unknown Haney

2. Hazel Gardner b. South Portland, Maine m. Robert Bragdon and lived on Main Street, Cumberland Mills, Maine

1. Richard Bragdon b. 1926, Cumberland Mills, Maine m. Thelma Unknown

1. Bruce Bragdon b. 1948, Maine

2. Donna Beth Bragdon b. 1950, Maine

3. Scott Bragdon b. 1952, Maine

2. Marjorie Bragdon b. 1928, Cumberland Mills, Maine m. Yair Risenberg and lived in Reading, Mass.

1. Beth Ann Risenberg b. Sep 1953, Reading, MA

2. Rebecca Sue Eisenberg b. May 1955, Reading, MA

3. Robert Gardner b. South Portland, Maine m. Laura Cook and lived at 183 Elm Street, South Portland, Maine

4. Ralph Gardner b. South Portland, Maine m. Eleanor Christy and lived in Auburn, Maine.

1. Robert Henderson Gardner m. Carol Bailey

2. David Gardner b. 1944

5. John Gardner b. South Portland, Maine m. Lura and lived at 107 Harriet Street, South Portland, Maine

1. John Gardner Jr. b. 1937, South Portland, Maine

2. Barbara Gardner b. 1941, South Portland, Maine


3. Isabelle Webster Henderson m. Reginald Carles and lived in St. Petersburg, Florida

4. James Franklin Henderson (Frank) d. abt 1950, South Portland, Maine, never married

5. Mae or Rae Rachel Henderson
M: Charles Robert Hamilton and lived in Orono, Maine

Charles died and Mae Rachel was a housemother at college and lived with son in summer.

1. Clarence Hamilton m. Barbara Unknown and all lived in South Portland, Maine

1. Janis Hamilton m. Paul Hanley

1. ? Hanley

2. ? Hanley

3. ? Hanley


2. Phyllis Hamilton m. Edward Webster and lived in Bangor, Maine

1. Judy Webster b. Bangor, Maine