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Burgoyne, Hugh Talbot, Captain V.C.
B: 1833
D: 07 Sep 1870

FN: Field Marshall John Fox Burgoyne

The only son of Field Marshal John Fox Burgoyne Bart and grandson of General Sir John Burgoyne was a young man of great promise.

He was given the command of the first and most costly and carefully constructed armour plated turret ship in the world. It was manned by 500 hundred picked seamen with the inventor, Captain Cowper Coles on board for its first experimental voyage.

All went well until a storm came up in the Bay of Biscay and H.M.S. "Captain", by the common law of gravity began slowly turning bottom side up. The life boats were lowered immediately and Captain Burgoyne stood at his post, the keel of the capsized boat, and although some of the crew begged him to leave and save himself, he would not until all had been taken off safely. All were saved except the Captain and 18 crewmen when the huge iron clad ship sank in utter darkness on the night of September 7, 1870.