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Burgoyne, Edward
B: 10 Nov 1830, Appledore, Cornwall, England
D: 12 Jun 1922
M: (1) Jun 1849, Susan Taylor (b. 1829, Devonshire, England and came with her parents and family to North Granville, PEI in 1837.
Susan Taylor died 14 Feb 1903, Age 74.
M: (2) Jun 1904, Mary (MacNeil) Oaks. She married twice before. d. 1926

FN: John Burgoyne
MN: Mary Langdon

Arrived in Prince Edward Island in 1843 from Cornwall, England,with his parents John Burgoyne and Mary Langdon. He came with his parents and two sisters and brother William, to Brookfield, PEI, Canada. Later he was granted 100 acres of land at North Granville, PEI.

The above indicates there was another William, brother of Edward, but there must have been an earlier migration, however, because Elizabeth Burgoyne married William Matthews in Charlottetown in 1840 - three years prior to this migration.

Children of Edward Burgoyne and Susan Taylor:
1. John Thomas Burgoyne
B: 18 May 1850
D: 12 Nov 1903
M: Margaret Ann Murphy b. 1852 d. 1941

2. Mary Ann Burgoyne (School teacher)
B: 29 Jul 1853
D: 10 Apr 1927, Buried in North Granville, PEI
M: (1) Ronald MacPherson. One daughter "Nettie" married a man named Chester and died in Rhode Island, USA in 1927, had a least one son. Ronald MacPherson died. Mary Ann remarried many years later to a farmer, Alexander McFadgen.
M: (2) Alexander McFadgen

3. Maria Burgoyne
B: 23 Jun 1855
D: 1931
M: Horatio Nelson Ward 1890

4. Stillborn Twin boys
B: 02 Jan 1858
D: 02 Jan 1858

5. William Burgoyne
B: 20 May 1859
D: 11 May 1938
M: Catherine Coiley b. 1859 d. 1939

6. Richard Burgoyne
B: 15 Dec 1860
M: Elsie Maria Wise 1935

7. Sarah Jane Burgoyne
B: 19 May 1862
D: 11 Oct 1930
M: 14 Aug 1890, William Edward Graham of Bay View, PEI b. 1869 d. 1945

8. George Russell Burgoyne
B: 01 Jan 1864
D: 14 Dec 1919
M: Annabella Curry Chappell (b. 10 Jan 1870 d.10 Jul 1950) at Margate by Thomas Hix.

9. Grace Emma Burgoyne
B: 03 Aug 1866
D: 1928
She lived at home and cared for her mother who was ill for years with rheumatism and heart trouble. Her mother died on 04 Feb 1903. Her father remarried in June 1904 and shortly after whe went to live with her sister Maria in Massachusetts. She kept house for a Minister and his wife for many years but made her home with Maria. Grace Emma died of a stroke in 1928. Her remains were brought back and buried at North Granville, PEI.

10. James Edward Burgoyne
B: 18 May 1868
D: 10 Oct 1963, at age of 95 years and 5 months. Buried at North Granville, PEI
M: About 1910, Mary E. MacNeil b. 1874 d. 1941
He lived his entire life on PEI. He bought the farm next to his father's at North Granville and engaged in farming and raising black foxes for many years.

11. Rebecca Burgoyne
B: 11 Sep 1869
D: 23 Dec 1870, died suddenly, presumably of heart condition. Buried at North Granville, PEI.

12. Henry Tweedy Burgoyne
B: 13 Aug 1871, North Granville, PEI
D: 05 Apr 1955
M: Lilly Ann Mallett b. 1866 Granville, PEI d. 1943

13. Netty Burgoyne
B: 1872

14. Joseph Burgoyne
B: 1878