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Burgoyne, Richard
B: 15 Dec 1860, at North Granville, PEI
M: Elsie Maria Wise b. d. Sep 1935

FN: Edward Burgoyne
MN: Susan Taylor

He left home at an early age and went first to New Brunswick - married Elsie Maria Wise. They first lived in Vanceboro, Maine, USA, and later moved to Howland, Maine where he was employed with the International Pump and Paper Company.

Children of Richard Burgoyne and Elsie Maria Wise:

1. William Edward Burgoyne
D: Died of T.B.
M: Ethel Whitter, of South Lincoln, Maine. They had one posthumous daughter, Clara, who died in infancy.

2. Susan Ellen Burgoyne
M: 1903, Stephen Robinson
They lived in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, USA and had three girls and one boy.

3. Albert Nelson Burgoyne
M: Robina Whittier of South Lincoln, Maine, USA.
Children of Albert Nelson Burgoyne and Robina Whittier:
1. Richard Nelson Burgoyne who was killed in WW2
2. Clair Burgoyne who married and had a large family. One daughter married Harold Gray who might have been Leona.

4. Lora Maria Burgoyne
M: Joseph Preece, Scotland.

5. Edith Evelyn Burgoyne
D: Aug 1961
M: Clifford Nash
Children of Clifford Nash and Edith Evelyn Burgoyne:
1. Eleanor Constance Nash b. 1924
2. Clifford Burgoyne Nash b. 1930

6. Mary Burgoyne

7. Essie Burgoyne


Richard Burgoyne disappeared on his daughter Susan's wedding day in 1903 and was never heard of since. Many and varied are the tales told and opinions given of his disappearance, but the one that seems most probable to the source was the one her brother, Lewis, told and he was there at the time. It seems Uncle Dick had something to do about looking after the vats of acid at the mill which the pump chips were softened in. He gave his daughter away in marriage at the church and no one missed him until they were going back to the house for refreshments. At first they tought he may have gone home, but when they arrived, he was not there and was never heard from since that day. Lewis thought he may have slipped out from the church and gone to the mill to look at the vats, as he was very conscientous about his work, and somehow slipped or fell into one of the vats. Of course, in less than an instant he would have been unable to get out. Lewis said he did not think of it at the time and was expecting him back any day but in later years when there was still no word of him, this was the theory he had regarding his disappearance, although nobody will ever know for sure. Aunt Elsie, after several years, got a divorce, on grounds of non-support and married David Blanchard. She died in Sep 1935 and he died Nov 1926.