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Cameron, Lemuel Wesley Whitfield (aka "Wes")
B: 12 Apr 1877, PEI
D: 1952, MN
M: Louise Maude Mary Le Masurier b. 1884 d. 1959

FN: Edmund Cameron
MN: Allis Eliza Clow

Children of Lemuel Wesley Cameron and Louise Maude Mary LeMasurier:

Florence Louise Cameron
B: 1903
D: 10 Nov 1974
M: Horace Agnew

Children of Horace Agnew and Florence Louise Cameron:

Cameron Agnew

Charles Agnew

Earl Wesley Cameron
B: 1905
M: Simonne Landerville

Children of Earl Wesley Cameron and Simonne Landerville:

Patsy Cameron:
M: John Nolte, of Pembina, ND

Children of John Nolte and Patsy Cameron:

Gregory Nolte

Jerry Nolte

Cheryl Nolte

A son of Earl, Robert Cameron.

Marjorie Cameron
B: 1906
M: Leslie Duncan, of Neche, ND, they had 1 son and 4 daughters.

Grace Sarah Cameron
M: Archie Gradwell, of St. Vincent, MN, they had 1 daughter.

Kenneth Edmund Cameron
B: 1912
D: 1957, Sheridan, WY, unmarried

In WWI, General Pershing referred to the 28th as the "Iron Division." In WWII, the Germans called the U.S. Army's 28th "Keystone" Infantry Division, the "Bloody Bucket" Division.

Rightly so, as the faced almost insurmountable battle after battle, the most famous being the Battle of the Bulge. No other division has been attacked by so many enemy divisions at one time.

The heroes of the 28th, seemingly a hardy group, were ambushed during their fourth major battle and about 100 soldiers were taken prisoner by the Germans. Herded onto railroad cars like cattle, given nothing to eat or drink for three days, a Kittson County Private survived the journey to Stalag 2 A in Nuebrandenburg, just inland from the Baltic Sea in Germany.

Kenneth Edmund Cameron, bortn 1912, was on of Wesley and Louise Cameron's 10 children who grew up in St. Vincent. Kittson County Veteran's Service Officer, Bob Cameron, is a nephew of Kenneth's as he and Bob's Dad, Earl, were brothers.

The above was written by Louise Money who said:

"I can remember my uncle (Kenneth) talking about his time as a POW. I was pretty young when he came home, but it was really fascinating" - recalls Cameron.

As a tribute to Kenneth, Cameron has researched the medals that he would have earned and spent four and a half years finding them to put in a display case. The research involved writing letters to veterans affairs and other organizations. They sent him a list of the medals they had on record.

Once in the POW camp, Kenneth befriended a German guard who would give the US soldiers potato and vegetable peelings, since they weren't provided any meat, fish, or nuts.

"After he got out of the service he weighed 85 pounds," says Cameron. "He probably was 150 lbs., normally."

After about six months, Cameron and two other prisoners escaped. They traveled at night and hid during the day to get back to US territory. Unfortunately, only two of them made it, and obviously, Kenneth was one of them. Given a 60 day leave to go home after their safe return, the war ended in the middle of that leave, bringing Cameron back to St. Vincent. Kenneth had been drafted April 14, 1942 and was considered Honorably Discharged when the war ended, Sept. 1945.

"I have always wanted to honor him somehow since it's been over 60 years ago," adds Cameron.

Kenneth died in 1957 while living in Montana and is buried in St. Vincent.

Lest we forget, his memory will live on, however, in the display case of medals, earned while serving this country as a member and hero of the U. S. Army 28th Keystone Infantry.

His medals shown in the Kittson Enterprise newspaper are: WWII Victory Medal, WWII Service Lapel Button, Good Conduct Medal, American Campaign Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with 4 bronze stars, Marksman Badge with Rifle Bar, Combat Infantryman Badge, Bronze Star Medal, POW Medal, and the Presidential Citation.

Ann Alice Cameron
M: George Wilwant, of Pembina, they had 3 sons and 1 daughter.

Philip Alexander Cameron
M: 10 Apr 1939, Alvina Woltman, b. 27 Apr 1919, Agathe, Manitoba, dau of William Woltman and Augustine Wagner.

Children of Philip Cameron and Alvina Woltman:

Betty Cameron
M: Loren Gendreau

Connie Cameron
M: McConachie

Ray Harris Cameron
M: Unknown, and had 2 children

Harris Melvin Cameron
M: Norma Lembke, and had 5 children

Merton Charles Cameron
M: Unknown