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Cannon, Dale
B: 20 May 1925, Northcote, MN
M: Jul 1947, Janet Bechtel b. 21 Jun 1925, in Chaska, MN.

FN: Cyril Cannon
MN: Ella Burns

Children of Dale Cannon and Janet Bechtel:

1. Jean Cannon
B: 05 Nov 1949
She had one child, Willow Hecht b. 11 Mar 1980

2. Dan Cannon
B: 27 May 1951, Minneapolis, MN
M: Diane Gordon b. 14 Feb 1954

Children of Dan Cannon and Diane Unknown:
1. John B. Cannon b. 17 May 1994
2. Maggie Cannon b. 04 Nov 1996

3. Todd Cannon
B: 01 Apr 1953
M: Lydia Celebin b. 12 Dec 1961

Children of Todd Cannon and Lydia Celebin:
1. Rory Cannon b. 16 Mar 1993
2. Spencer Cannon b. 30 Sep 1996

4. John Cannon
B: 15 Sep 1956
M: Pam Gleason b. 28 Jan 1959

Children of John Cannon and Pam Unknown:
1. Wesley Cannon b. 07 Nov 1994
2. William Cannon b. 28 Dec 1996

5. Scott Cannon
B: 17 Jun 1957
M: Deborah Rose b. 23 Jun 1961.

Children of Scott Cannon and Deborah Rose:
1. Joshua Cannon b. 12 Mar 1997
2. Rachel Cannon b. 06 Feb 1999

Dale Cannon wrote the following in a biographical sketch for his 1944 Hallock High School 50th Year Reunion, June 18, 1994:

Dear Classmates:

I left Hallock early in 1943 ending up in the Army Air Force. After training at several bases in the U.S., my crew was assigned to the 8th Air Force stationed in England. We flew 30 bombing missions over Europe. We started flying just before DDay and were finished before the armies took Paris.

Our most memorable mission was bombing the town of Arnheim, Holland prior to the paratroopers jumping. This turned out to be the event that lead to the book and movie; "A Bridge Too Far." We lost both outboard engines, threw out everything we could from the plane, and made it back to England.

I came back to the States, was stationed many places, and kept on refusing to go to the South Pacific. I got out in October, 1945 and spent some time at home before entering the University of Minnesota in January, 1946. While there, I met a student, Janet Bechtel of Chaska, MN, who later became my wife.

Our first child, Jean, was born Nov. 1949 and then our family grew rapidly. Dan, born May 1951; Todd, born April 1953; John, born September 1955; and Scott, born July 1957.

My work required that we move many times during my career. We have lived in Minneapolis and Minnetonka, MN; Detroit Lakes, MN; Appleton, WI; and Houston, TX. We finally quit the corporate life and moved to Schofield, WI, and started a commercial and industrial construction company in 1971. Business was good but got too old to put up with government regulations and Jimmy Carter and closed down in the early 80's. While here, we put all five children through the University of Wisconsin. also, my wife went back to college and got an English Degree.

My family left Hallock in the 50's so there were many years that I did not get back home although I have been able to return several times in recent years. I have always been proud of my roots. We all got a good basic education and good values preparing us for life ahead.

Dale Cannon

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