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Carrigan, Michael Leo
B: 03 Dec 1898
M: 25 Jun 1925, Mildred Ione Jaycox

Essay-Carrigan, Leo

FN: Michael Patrick Carrigan
MN: Mary Hannah Maguire

Michael Leo and Mildred Carrigan operated the Golden Crust Bakery in Hallock, Minnesota from the late 1930's to 1952. Leo was the son of Irish immigrants, Michael and Mary Carrigan who farmed near Ayrshire, Iowa.

Mildred helped her husband Leo run the bakery and manage other businesses. After retiring from the bakery, the couple moved to Grand Forks, North Dakota. Mildred returned to college graduating with a degree in Elementary Education at age 58 and taught all eight grades at Rye #30, a school district outside of Grand Forks until her death. After Mildred's death, Leo Carrigan managed his real estate properties and took care of his grandsons, Mike and Tony, while they attended college at the University of North Dakota.

Michael Leo Carrigan was one of eight children. His other brothers and sisters were:Francis, Sara Theresa, Bernad, James, William, Loretta and Margaret. Several of Leo's brothers and sisters died in tragic accidents. His sister Theresa was killed by a train which frightened the horse she was riding. Brother Johnny died of typhoid fever. He was the only member of the family to die from a disease that plagued the whole family. Sister Marie died in a house fire.

Mildred Carrigan was born on October 15, 1902. She was the daughter of Harriet Mahala Woods Jaycox and Garrison Lee Forge Jaycox. Harriet was born October 30, 1866 in Athens, Illinois. She died in December of 1945 in Hampton, Iowa. Mildred's father,Garrison Lee Forge Jaycox was born July 16, 1858 in Fellman City, Minnesota. Garrison died in June of 1931 in Pipestone, Minnesota. Mildred's parents were married on October 5, 1882 in Pipestone,Minnesota. Mildred Carrigan was one of nine children. Her brothers and sisters included: Charles, Mary Etta, Fern, Clair, Norman, Will, Mattie and Ruby.

We have only sketchy details of Mildred's grandparents. Her mother Harriet was the daughter of Emily Bates Woods and Abraham Woods. Mildred's grandfather died at age 32 in England. Garrison was the son of Nancy Lee Farge Jaycox born in Putnam, New York on November 23, 1830. Garrison's father, Abraham Jaycox was born in Putnam, New York in September 18, 1829. Abraham Jaycox's parents were John Jaycox and Elizabeth Fannes. Nancy Lee Forge Jaycox's parents were William Lee Forge and Susan Forge.

Children of Michael Leo Carrigan and Mildred Ione Jaycox:

1. Patricia Marie Carrigan
B: 04 May 1926
D: 14 Dec 1989
M: 10 Jul 1948, Alfred Hagbart Rustad Jr.

2. Virginia Ione Carrigan
B: 13 Feb 1928
M: Alfred Ducharme.

3. James Richard Carrigan
B: 24 Aug 1929
M: Beverly Haplin

4. Norma Jean Carrigan
B: 12 Jun 1931
M: Charles Cresien.

5. Michael Leo Carrigan, Jr.
B: 1933
M: Mary Sullivan.