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Century Farms

Qualifying families own farms that have been in continuous family ownership for at least 100 years and are at least 50 acress in size. Century Farm families receive an aluminum building sign and a commemorative certificate signed by the president of the state fair and the governor of Minnesota. Since the Century Farm program began in 1976, over 7,500 farms in Minnesota have been recognized as Century Farms.

Kittson County Farms include:

1976 - Paul Englund, Karlstad

1977 - 1983 - None

1984 - Byron G. Hanson, Hallock; Oliver & Barbara Lundell, Kennedy

1985 - Harvey Bloomquist, Drayton; David Dale Hultgren, Kennedy; Ronald Peterson, Lake Bronson

1986 - None

1987 - Ferdie Forfang, Hallock; Edward Jerome, Hallock

1988 - Paul Roger Bernstrom, Hallock; Garfield E. Erlandson, Kennedy; Vernon and Muriel Johnson, Lake Bronson; Marvin and Anna Stromgren, Lake Bronson; Glen Uppman, Lancaster

1989 - Mr. & Mrs. Dale Halverson, Hallock; Robert & Alice Vik, Halma

1990 - John Jenkins, Lancaster; LaMar Johnson, Kennedy; Vincent and Joyce Mattson, Hallock; Wayne Westerson, Hallock

1991 - George K. Anderson, Kennedy; Everett A. Englund, Karlstad; LaMar and Audrey Johnson, Kennedy; Budd Wennersten, Kennedy

1992 - Clifford and Donna Brevik, Kennedy; Jerod J. Hanson, Hallock; Oliver and Barbara Lundell, Kennedy

1993 - Harvey and Elaine Baker, Lake Bronson; Six of Diamonds, Lancaster; Karen and Robert Isaacson, Hallock; Joyce and Vincent Mattson, Hallock; Merle L. and Marlys J. Nelson, Drayton, ND; Douglas G. Ryan, St. Vincent.

1994 - Harold Hilde, Kennedy; Neil and Kimberly Johnson, Kennedy; Leslie and Shirley Nordling, Hallock, James and Marcia Pederson, Kennedy; Harvey & Elaine Baker, Lake Bronson.

1995 - Ronald Fossell, Karlstad; James and Helen Rickenberg, Kennedy; Maurice and Dianne Sugden, Hallock; Harley and Jan - Larry and Rose Younggren, Hallock

1996 - Milton and Joan Craigmile, Hallock; Earl Mattson, Kennedy

1997 - Dean Johnson, Karlstad; Wallace G. Larson, Lake Bronson; Robert and Dorothy Muir, James and Karen Muir and Terry Bell, John and Cheryl Muir, Hallock; Palmer and Vivian Rundquist, Lancaster

1998 - Richard and Wanda Clow, Orleans; Daniel Sjostrand, Lancaster

1999 - Keith and Theresa Gillie, Hallock; Gerald and Lucy Klegstad, Karlstad; Glendon and Lela Spilde, Halma

2000 - Janis F. and D. N. Johnson, Halma; Floyd A. and Judith Olson, Halma

2001 - Mortenson Family, Kennedy; Paul and Della (Swanson) Miles, Kennedy

2002 - Larry and Karen Sele, Lake Bronson













Younggren, Harley

Younggren, Larry