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Clow, Albert Ray
B: 1890
D: 11 Dec 1921
M: Mary Haynes b. 1898

FN: Joseph Clow
MN: Annie McCourt

Ray Clow resided in Freetown and operated a store in Freetown Village for a few years. This store was taken over by Davis Baker.

Ray Clow married Mary Haynes who was b. 1898. She was a young lady who was sent to Canada from England by her church. She was assigned to the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Walker in Freetown where she resided until she married Ray Clow. Ray and Mary (Haynes) Clow had three children. Albert Ray d. in 1921 and Mary married (2) Ben Bearisto. She d. 1952.

Children of Albert Ray Clow and Mary Haynes:

1. Allan Clow
B: 21 May 1916
M: 12 Nov 1940, Annie Morrison. b. 30 Sep 1918, the daughter of Peter and Mae (Keir) Morrison.

2. Norman Clow
B: 28 Jan 1919
D: 01 Nov 1979 - Served in world War II
M: 07 Jan 1947, Margaret Handrahan who was the daughter of Cyprien and Susan

Children of Norman Clow and Margaret Handrahan:

1. Gary B. Clow
B: 17 Jul 1956
M: 24 Jul 1976, Debbie Folland, who was b. 23 Jun 1956.

Children of Gary B. Clow and Debbie Folland:
1. Michael Clow b. 20 Jul 1980

2. Nicholas Clow b. 13 Apr 1982

2. Cathy Clow
B: 11 Oct 1959. She is a Licensed Nursing Assistant and lives in Kamloops, B. C.

3. Marjorie Clow
B: Oct 1921
D: 1930