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Clow, George D.
B: 21 Mar 1846, Lot 31, N. Wiltshire, PEI
C: 26 Nov 1846, Charlottetown, PEI
D: 24 Nov 1912, Clow Cemetery, Humboldt, MN
M: (1) Catherine Dammaral or Dammeral b. 1837 d. 20 Dec1871 PEI, aet 34 (N. Wiltshire United Church cemetery cards spelled Dammarall and Dammerall)
M: (2) 07 Nov 1872, Charlotte Ann Vickerson in Charlottetown, PEI b. Jul 1853, in North River, PEI, 11 Jan 1924, Minnesota. Charlotte was from York / North River.

FN: George Clow
MN: Margarette Ann (Maggie) McCann

A George Clow, butcher by trade, was living in Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island in the mid-1800's. He had already had one family, including sons, William Thomas Clow (Bill), Hammons Seymour Clow, and Hammond Wells Clow, when Charlotte Ann Vickerson came along after the death of his first wife and he made her his second wife. Before leaving the Island for better things on the frontier, she bore him three children: Kate, Thalbert and Ambrose Olenda, whom they called "Len". These must be Catherine May, Thalbert and Ambrose Orlando.

MISCELLANEOUS: In the Patriot, 21 November 1872: "Married - at the Parsonage, by Rev. E. Evans, Mr. George Clow, Jr. of North Wiltshire, to Miss Elizabeth Ann Vickerson of North River." Was Elizabeth Ann Vickerson the same as, or related to, Charlotte Ann Vickerson or was it a mistake by the paper?

Children of George Clow and Catherine Dammerell:

1. William Thomas Clow
B: 14 Feb 1867, N. Wiltshire, PEI
C: 10 Mar 1867, PEI
D: 27 May 1947 Clow Cemetery (another says 22 May 1947)
M: 28 Jul 1891, Bessie Mays Johnston b. 09 Sep 1868 St. Johns N.B. d. 11 Aug 1915 Humboldt, (Bessie Mays Clow - Clow Cemetery) Think Bessie May is sister of John C. Johnson and William Johnson both residing in Hill Twp.

2. Hammons Seymour Clow
B: 26 Nov 1868, N. Wiltshire, PEI
C: 10 Jan 1869, PEI
D: 30 April 1872, aet 3 years 6 months. (N. Wiltshire United Church cemetery cards)

3. Hammond (Ham) Wells (or Willis) Clow
B: 26 Sep 1870, PEI
C: 10 Nov 1872, N. Wiltshire, Queens, PEI
Census: St. Vincent, Kittson County, Minnesota 1900 and 1920 census
M: 1900 Harriet Edkins b. 1880 Binto, Warwickshire, England d. 04 Mar 1914 Baudette, MN. Parents of Harriet Edkins: Mr. & Mrs. Charles Edkins of St. Vincent. Sister: Mrs. Emil Lilliquist.

Children of George Clow and Charlotte Ann Vickerson:

4. Catherine (Kate) May Clow
B: 23 May 1873, PEI
D: 07 Jun 1953, Hallock, MN
M: Ephriam Jenkins b. 20 Oct 1869 PEI or July, 1853 d. 29 Jun 1953, Hallock, MN

5. Thalbert Levi Clow
B: 23 Jul 1876, PEI
D: 08 Jan 1966, Hallock, MN
Bur: Greenwood Cemetery, Hallock, MN
M: 1905, Effie Isabelle McIlraith b. 15 Sep 1884 MN d. 1984.

6. Ambrose Orlando Clow (Len)
B: 14 Mar 1878, PEI
D: 10 Nov 1950, Orleans, MN. Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Hallock, MN
M: Mary Jane Dennis b. 15 May 1878 Manitoba, Can. d. 17 Jan 1956
Hallock, MN

7. Bertha Margaret Clow
B: 21 Nov 1879, Clow Township
D: 05 May 1941, Lexington, VA
Buried: 06 May 1941, Evergreen Cemetery, Roanoke, VA. She resided at Gilmore Mills, VA from1932 until her death in Lexington, VA.
M: Approx. 1899, John Pollock, Jr. b. 1869 Ontario, Can. d. 29 Nov 1934 Natural Bridge, VA. John Pollock b. 1869, Ontario d. 29 Nov 1934. moved from Hallock, MN to Roanoke, VA in 1918.

Tillie Clow

Cleve Clow

Wilbur (Pat) Clow

Esther Clow

Ethel Clow

8. Nellie Clow
B: Jul 1880, PEI, Canada
D: 07 Sep 1895, Humboldt, MN (Clow Cemetery says d. 22 Sep 1895)
Bur: Clow Cemetery
(Raised by her uncle, Am, brother of George Clow. She was killed when she fell off a hay rack)

Bessie Clow

9. Matilda Sabrina or Sheblina Clow (Tillie)
B: 11 Nov 1882, Orleans, MN
D: 13 May 1953, Hallock, MN
M: John Collins (Jack) Johnston or Johnstone b. 25 Feb 1873 St. Johns, N.B. d.19 Dec 1956 Hallock, MN

10.Ellen Clow
B: 09 May 1884, St. Vincent, MN

11. Daisy Clow
B: 25 Dec 1884 or1885, St. Vincent, MN
D: 14 Aug 1885 (or 15 Aug 1886), St. Vincent, MN

12. George Franklyn Clow
B: 10 or11 May 1887, St. Vincent, MN
D: 10 Aug 1887, St. Vincent, MN

13. George Cleveland Clow (Cleve)
B: 21 Sep 1888, Clow Twp., MN
D: 24 Nov 1932, Hallock, MN (Cleve Clow in Clow Cemetery, Humboldt, MN 1889-1932)
M: Estella Elnora Lyons b. Oct 1892 SD d. Aug 1961 Hallock, MN

14. Charlotte Ethel Clow
B: 12 Oct 1891, Clow Twp., MN
D: 25 Oct 1918, age 27, Hankinson, ND, Influenza
M: 02 Oct 1907, Charles Christen Christensen b. 14 May 1881 Feldingbjerg d. 11 Feb 1956 Hallock, MN

15. Wilbert Lester (or Lyster) Clow (was he also known as "Pat?)
B: 03 Sep 1893, Clow Twp., MN
D: 05 May 1962, Hallock, MN
M: Elfreda Granquist b. 31 Jul 1895 Sweden d. 13 Sep 1977 Minneapolis, MN

16. Bessie Venetta Clow
B: 13 Jul 1895, Clow Twp., MN
M: (1) Tony Friebohle (Divorced)
M: (2) Ingvold Berg (Divorced)
M: (3) Langen (Divorced)

17. Esther Melinda (or Beatrice) (Ester) Clow
B: 16 Aug 1899, Clow Twp., MN
M: George W. Brown
Benjamin (Bennie) Woodruff was reported to be a friend of Esther and not her 2nd husband.