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Clow, Keziah
B: 14 Aug 1832, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada
C: 05 Nov 1844, St. Paul's Anglican Church, Rev. L. C. Jenkins per the master name lists of Queens Co. PEI. FHC Film # 1490100-101. Looks like all births and deaths of George and Rachel children on this film.
M: James Edward Fitzgerald

FN: George Clow
MN: Rachel Crouch

Children of James Edward Fitzgerald and Keziah Clow:

1. Mary Ellen Fitzgerald
B: 21 Mar 1869, PEI
D: 09 Apr 1933, MN
M: William Henry Williams b. 20 Nov 1866 d. 17 Jul 1943

Children of William Henry Williams and Mary Ellen Fitzgerald:

1. Mabel Williams
B: 02 Feb 1889 Mass.
M: Albin Slemer Harstad
D: 29 May 1967

2. Bertram Ivan Williams
B: 11 Feb 1892 Mass.

3. Artea Merle Williams
B: 11 Sep 1903 Mass.
M: Peter Olander Anderson b. 29 Jun 1900 MN d. 20 Sep 1966 NB.