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Samuel Milborn Clow
B: 12 Aug 1858
C: 28 Nov 1858

FN: Samuel Clow
MN: Jane Irwin Threadgill

The entry for Samuel Milborn Clow (b. 12 Aug 1858?, chr. 28 Nov 1858) is in very small script in the LDS microfilm of the Cornwall United Church and squeezed in between the entries in the registry book for his sister Caroline (b. 29 Sep 1858, chr. 28 Nov 1858) and cousin (?) Artemas (b. 4 Dec 1858, chr. 26 Dec 1858, parents George and Mary Clow) and is very difficult to read.

This image of the record does not help establish his birth date or whether he is the same person as Samuel William Clow (b. 28 Apr 1853, chr. 11 Sep 1853 at Trinity / First Methodist Church) although other records show Samuel William clow b. 29 Apr 1853.