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This is a collection of information from various sources on the CLOW family who settled in or around the Lot 31 and 34 and other areas of Prince Edward Island, Canada. Some of the Clow family immigrated to Kittson County in the Northwest corner of Minnesota and lived in the villages of St. Vincent, Humboldt, Orleans, Northcote and the rural areas around these villages. The records are linked together so that families and descendants may be found by clicking on the underlined links throughout the pages.

Clow, Albert Ray b. 1890 m. Mary Haynes

Clow, Albert Ward b. 1907 m. Nora May Ash

Clow, Alice Eliza b. 1857 m. Edmund Cameron

Clow, Allen b. 1916 m. Annie Morrison

Clow, Ambrose b. 1853 or 1854 m. Matilda Crewys

Clow, Ambrose Orlando b. 1878 m. Mary Jane Dennis

Clow, Ann b. 1855 m. Christopher Jardine

Clow, Anna Georgia b. - m. Glen Arvon Jones Sr.

Clow, Artemus b. 1858 m. Alice Connick

Clow, Benjamin b. - m. Elizabeth Reid

Clow, Benjamin b. - m. Mary Irving

Clow, Bertha Margaret b. 1879 m. John Pollock Jr.

Clow, Boaz b. 1839 m. Emily Calver

Clow, Bradley Blake b. 1957 m. Annette Leyden

Clow, Carolyn b. 1858 m. James J. Reeves

Clow, Catherine May b. 1873 m. Ephraim Jenkins

Clow, Charles b. 1848 m. Emma Crewys

Clow, Charles b. 1938 m. Sonja Boychuk

Clow, Charlotte b. 1801 m. Edward Kitson

Clow, Charlotte Ethel b. 1891 m. Charles Christen Christensen

Clow, Charlotte b. - m. John Larter

Clow, Colborne b. 1942 m. Blanche Pauptit

Clow, Daniel b. - m. Nellie Nicholls c. as Allethea Nichols

Clow, Darci Marie b. 1968 m. Mark Gilbertson

Clow, David c. 1806 m. (1) Martha Lamb (2) Lucy Coates (3) Martha Woodward

Clow, Denton b. 1946 m. Marion Praught

Clow, Elizabeth c. 1764 m. William Cone

Clow, Elizabeth b. 1841 m. Robert Ward

Clow, Elizabeth Ann b. 1834 m. William John Matthew

Clow, Elizabeth Jane b. 1862 - 1863 m. William Alfred Fitzgerald

Clow, Ephraim b. 1854 m. Mary A. Hough

Clow, Esther Melinda b. 1890 or 1899 m. (1) George Brown (2) Bennie Woodruff

Clow, Francis b. 1707 m. Mary Gardiner

Clow, Francis b. 1738 m. Mary Aldred

Clow, Francis b. - m. Mary Unknown and (2) possibly Maria Brock

Clow, Francis c. 1768 m. (1) Theodosia Snowline (2) Lydia Raydon

Clow, Francis b. 1803 m. Sarah Blois

Clow, Frederick b. - m. Sarah Turner

Clow, George c. 1797 m. Rachel Crouch

Clow, George b. 1846 m. (1) Catherine Dammaral (2) Charlotte Ann Vickerson

Clow, George Cleveland b. 1888 m. Estella Elnora Lyons

Clow, George D. b. 1824 m. Margaret Ann (Maggie) McCann

Clow, George Victor b. 1880 m. Marie Babbidge

Clow, George William b. 1892 m. (1) Annie Bethesda Matthews (2) Alice Kern

Clow, Hammond Willis b. 1872 m. Harriet Edkins

Clow, Henrietta b. 1861 m. Charles McLeod

Clow, Ivan Lester b. 1919 m. Mary Ann Kushinski

Clow, Ivan Ray b. - m. Elizabeth Esther Unknown (may be Clow)

Clow, James b. 1761 m. Susan Cole

Clow, James b. - m. Martha Avis

Clow, James c. 1826 m. Jane Morrison

Clow, James Frederick b. 1860 m. Catherine McCourt

Clow, Jane Ann b. 1839 m. Rudolph Samuel John Easter

Clow, John b. 1732 m. Hannah Legate

Clow, John c. 1771 m. Hannah Godfrey

Clow, Joseph b. 1773 m. Elizabeth Smith

Clow, Joseph b. 1867 m. Annie McCourt

Clow, Keziah b. 1832 m. James Edward Fitzgerald

Clow, Laverne b. 1916 Francis Gravgaard

Clow, Lemuel b. 1850-51 m. Christina Scott

Clow, Lloyd b. - m. Margaret Bedard

Clow, Lucetta b. 1850 m. Peter Munro

Clow, Lyle Gene b. 1926 m. Donna Clarice Johnson

Clow, Marcus (Mark) b. 1851 m. Sarah Ellen Reeves

Clow, Mary c. 1771 m. Thomas Cone

Clow, Mary Eliza b. 1845 m. William Matthews

Clow, Matilda b. 1882 m. John Collins Johnson or Johnstone

Clow, Miles Scott b. 1952 m. Rhanda Beth Glenn

Clow, Oliver b. - m. Elizabeth Gooch

Clow, Oliver Tridum b. 1887 m. Aurora Swanson

Clow, Onah b. 1856 m. William H. MacDowell

Clow, Phoebe c. 1805 m. Adam Sheppard Paxman

Clow, Robert c. 1774 m. Elizabeth Unknown

Clow, Robert c. 1800 m. Caroline Mayhew

Clow, Robert Collins b. 1924 m. Edna Young

Clow, Robert b. ca. 1837 m. Mary Harriet Whear

Clow, Roy Ernest b. 1912 m. Doris Mae Diamond

Clow, Roy F. b. 1911 m. Olive Eggerud

Clow, Samuel c. 1769 Mary Matcham

Clow, Samuel b. Abt 1773 m. Elizabeth Unknown

Clow, Samuel b. - m. Sarah Taster and possibly (2) Mary Cracknell

Clow, Samuel Milborn b. 1858

Clow, Samuel William b. 1853 m. Sarah Matilda Holmes

Clow, Samuel b. 1817-19 or 21 m. Jane Irwin Threadgill

Clow, Sarah Della b. 1879 m. William Fraser MacKay

Clow, Thalbert b. 1876 m. Effie Isabelle McIlraith

Clow, Thomas b. 1737 m. Mary Marken

Clow, Thomas b. Abt 1743 m. Elizabeth Unknown

Clow, Thomas b. 1763 m. Rebecca Haselwood

Clow, Thomas b. - m. Clementine Bates

Clow, Thomas b. - m. Mary Ferries

Clow, Vida Lucinda b. 1893 m. Herbert Roy Knowlton

Clow, Violet Margaret b. 1914 m. Bernard Rundquist

Clow, Waldron Delphine b. 1875 m. Nina J. Cridland

Clow, Walter Redvers b. 1900 m. Dorothy Mary Honess

Clow, Walter Seymour b. 1900 m. Inez Earline Babcock

Clow, Warren Allen b. 1915 m. Emma Jean Grady

Clow, Wilbert George b. 1927 m. Dalyce Carlson

Clow, Wilbert Lester b. 1893 m. Elfreda Granquist

Clow, William b. 1746 m. Ann Unknown

Clow, William b. Abt 1754 m. Elizabeth Mobbs

Clow, William c. 1766 or 68 m. Sarah Mayhew

Clow, William J. b. ca. 1858 m. Cecilia Gertrude Hickey

Clow, William John b. 1862 m. Mary-Ann Harvey

Clow, William Thomas b. 1867 m. Bessie Mays Johnston

Clow Burials, Suffolk, in the National Burial Index


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