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Comly, Samuel Willett
B: 17 Dec 1820
D: 25 May 1884, San Francisco, CA
Buried: St. Thomas Church, White Marsh
M: Julia E. Peters, she is also buried at St. Thomas Church, White Marsh.
Dates from CD#213, see entry for Franklin Ayres Comly for details.

Samuel Willett Comly was a Major of the 20th Cavalry in the War of the Rebellion.

FN: James Comly
MN: Elizabeth Ayres (5)

Children of Samuel Comly and Julia Peters:

1. Emilie Peters Comly
B: 06 May 1834
D: 13 Sep 1913
M: 1872, William F. Trexler
Dates of Birth and Death from CD #213, Broderbund, see entry for Franklin Ayres Comly.

2. James Comly
B: 01 Mar 1855
D: 14 Sep 1855

3. Franklin Ayres Comly
D: 05 Apr 1903
Date of death through Broderbunds' CD #213 - based on Penn Gen Mag vol XII Pennsylvania Gravestone Inscriptions, St. Thomas Episcopal Churchyard, Whitemarsh, Montgomery County p 137