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Creed, Job Prince
B: 1785, Providence, RI
D: 30 Oct 1867, Sturgeon, PEI
M: Mary Ann Thistle, in the Catholic Church, Panmire Island, PEI
Notes: Job Prince Creed was shunned by his father for having married a Roman Catholic. Mary Ann Thistle Creed was forced to move from Lower Montague to Sturgeon. His original homestead is located on the left hand side of Route 17, a short distance beyond Dirty River, heading away from Montague. Because they were of different faiths, they could be buried together. He is buried in the Old Pioneer Cemetery, Wightman's Point, PEI, while she is buried facing him, at the Catholic Cemetery, Panmure Island, PEI. This is where the only Catholic Church was located. As mentioned, Job Prince Creed was buried in the Pioneer Cemetery located at Wightman's Point (near St. Andrew's Lighthouse).

FN: Captain William Creed
MN: Elizabeth Prince

Children of Job Prince Creed and Mary Ann Thistle:

James Creed
B: Sturgeon, PEI
D: Bef 1887, Sturgeon, PEI
M: Mary McCrae, in PEI

Margaret Creed
B: Sturgeon, PEI
D: Aft 1887, PEI
M: 16 Jul 1857, Dugald Henry, PEI

Elizabeth Creed
B: Sturgeon, PEI
D: Bef 1887, PEI
M: 14 Dec 1820, George Parker, in PEI

Sarah Creed
B: Abt 1813, Sturgeon, PEI
D: Bef 1887, PEI
M: Daniel Cahill, in PEI

William Creed
B: 1811, Sturgeon, PEI
D: Aft 1891, PEI
M: 06 Jan 1833, Mary Jamieson, in PEI

John Creed
B: 1817, Sturgeon, PEI
D: 06 Nov 1864, Sturgeon, PEI
M: 10 Feb 1839, Jane Jamieson

Emma Creed
Notes: Served as a witness to the marriage of her sister, Margaret, to Dugald Henry in 1857.

Job Creed
Notes: Served as a witness to brother, William's, marriage to Mary Jamieson in 1833.

Girl Creed

Girl Creed