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Cudmore, Lawrence Sterling (Lolly)
B: 20 Nov 1933
D: 03 Sep 1975
M: Rita Edwards
(Rita moved out west to Calgary, Alberta, with some of her family after Lollie died.

FN: George Cudmore
MN: Margaret Mills

Children of Lawrence Cudmore and Rita Edwards:
Randy Cudmore
M: Karen Robinson

Children of Randy Cudmore and Karen Robinson:

Amy Jo Cudmore
B: Dec 1979

Gloria Cudmore
M: (1) Eddie Smith
M: (2) Wayne Brun

Children of Eddie Smith and Gloria Cudmore:
Eddie Smith, Jr.

Children of Wayne Brun and Gloria Cudmore:
Amanda Brun


David Cudmore
M: Tena Gass (separated)



Ralph Cudmore

Daryl Cudmore
M: Darlene Livingstone

Carol Cudmore

Jeff Cudmore