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Cudmore Marriages

1655 Hugh Hele and ? Lab? Cudmor were married the 11th August

1656 Samuel Cudmore and Margaret ? on the 25th of ?

1695 Thomas Cudmore and ? Grootrod? Molland were married on the twenty fifth day of March

1761 Hugh Cudmore (Widower) to Jane March 23rd 1770

George Cudmore to Grace Saunders July 9th 1774

William Cudmore to Elizabeth Alkford July 10th 1778

Hugh Cudmore to Mary Blackmore May 17th 1786

William Cudmore ?Jnr? (Widower) to Jane Westacott April 3rd 1792

George Cudmore to Mary Diamond June 25th 1797

John Cudmore of the Parish of Kings Nympton to Susanna ? Skynaer? April 4th 1804

Hugh Cudmore to Sarah Britham March 5th 1816