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Dakota Territory

1st Batallion Cavalry

Company "A" was organized at Yankton, Dakota Territory in April of 1862. Company "B" was organized at Sioux City, Iowa on March 31, 1863.

This unit was assigned to duty in the District of Iowa and Dakota Department of the Northwest, defending frontiers and operating against Indians.

Participated in Sully's Expedition against hostile Sioux Indians in Dakota Territory from July 25th to October 8, 1864, with engagements at Tahkaha-kuty on July 28th and at Two Hills, Badlands, Little Missouri River August 8th - 9th. Company "A" mustered out on May 9, 1865.

Company "B" mustered out on November 15, 1865.


Civil War Roster - 1st Dakota Cavalry

L Name F Name Company Rank

Alderson Richard A Pvt
Allen John E. A, B Pvt
Allen Oliver B Pvt
Anderson Edward A Pvt
Anderson Michael A Pvt
Andrews Cornelius A Pvt
Arend Christopher B Pvt
Arend Henry B Pvt
Armstrong Thomas H. B Pvt
Austin Horace J. A Sgt
Bacon James M. A 1 Lt.
Bates John A Pvt
Beitz John A Pvt
Bell John W. A Pvt
Bellows Benjamin A, B Pvt
Bellows George L. (or S A, B Pvt
Bellows William H. A Pvt
Below Benjamin A, B Pvt
Belows George A, B Pvt
Benadict William W. A Pvt
Benedick Wm. W. A Pvt
Benedict William W. A Pvt
Benjamin David A 2 Lt.
Bennedict William A Pvt
Betz John A Pvt
Bigelow Gilbert B. B Pvt
Bradley John A, B Pvt
Bradly John A, B Pvt
Brurid Christian Hanso A Cpl
Brurud Christian H. A Cpl
Buckhardt Robert A Blacksmith
Buckhart Robert A Blacksmith
Burchard Robert A Blacksmith
Burckhard Robert A Blacksmith
Burghart Robert A Blacksmith
Burid Christian H. A Cpl
Campbell David A Pvt
Cirtier Leander B Pvt
Clanch John A Pvt
Clande John A Pvt
Clark T. Elwood B 2 Lt.
Claude John A Pvt
Clyde Sherman B Cpl
Collins John A, B Pvt
Conway Patrick A 2 M Sgt
Cowan Miles B Pvt
Cramer Joseph C. A Pvt
Crooks Samuel M. B Pvt
Cummings James A Pvt
Cummins James A Pvt
Cusick Nelson W. A Pvt
Delona Sahil A Pvt
Deloney Sahil A Pvt
Delony Sahil A Pvt
Desy Louis H. B Pvt
Dignon Lawrence B Cpl
Dimick George W. B Cpl
Dormidy James B Pvt
Ealey John P. B Pvt
Ellingsen Nells A Pvt
Ellingson Nells A Pvt
Ellis Joseph A Cpl
English Alvah M. A 1 Sgt
Estes Benjamin F. A Sgt
Estus Benjamin F. A Sgt
Falkenburg George A Cpl
Falkenbury George A Cpl
Falkinburg George A Cpl
Falkinburgh George A Cpl
Falkingburg George A Cpl
Farnsworth Samuel B Pvt
Fate William H. H. B Cpl
Felling Nicholas B Pvt
Feltjevelt Harman A, B Pvt
Fieltvet Harmon A, B Pvt
Fisher Michael A Pvt
Fitzgibbon John B Wagoneer
Fjeltvet Harmon P. A, B Pvt
Fjelvet Harmon I. A, B Pvt
Fleoder Julius A Pvt
Fleury Antoine B Pvt
Floeder Julius A Pvt
Flooder Julius A Pvt
Ford John O. A Pvt
Forde John O. A Pvt
Fowler John K. A 1 Lt
Frick Lewis A, B Pvt
Frick Thomas A Pvt
Furlong James J. B Pvt
Furlong William F. B Pvt
Gates Lewis B Pvt
Gaugham Hugh B Pvt
Gibson Albert A Pvt
Goodfellow William R. B Pvt
Gray Benjamin F. A Pvt
Gray Josiah A Pvt
Gregory John B Bugler
Hagan Zachariah A Pvt
Haggin Zachariah A Pvt
Hagin Zachariah A Pvt
Hall John S. B Cpl
Hammond James T. B Pvt
Hampton Thomas J. B Pvt
Hanson Amond (or Amund A Bugler
Harington Ezeriah A Pvt
Harrington Ezeriah A Pvt
Hart Benjamin F. A Pvt
Herrington Ezeriah A Pvt
Holden Peter F. A Sgt

Homer William C. B Pvt

Hoosick George A Pvt

Horton Stephen B Pvt

Hough John B Pvt

Hoyt Melanthon K. B Sgt

Jarvis Ulrick B Pvt

Jewell Trobridge R. B Pvt

Johnson John A Pvt

Jones Ananias A Farrier

Kealer Alexander B Pvt

Keeler Alexander B Pvt

Kelly Daniel B Pvt

Kenney James A Pvt

Kenny James A Pvt

Kinney James A Pvt

Kinny James A Pvt

Larson Mathias B Pvt

Larson Ole B. A, B Pvt

Lavoic John B. B Pvt

Lavoie Octave B Pvt

Leonard Charles B Pvt

Lewiston Ole A Pvt

Lionat Joseph B Pvt

Long Charles A Pvt

Lothrop Merrill G. A Cpl

Ludwig Jacob A Pvt

Mancksch Adolph A Cpl

Manksch Adolph A Cpl

Mansch Adolph A Cpl

Marmon Robert B Pvt

Maskell John A Pvt

Mathieson George D. B Pvt

Mathieson Richard W. B Pvt

Matthieson George B Pvt

Matthieson Richard W. B Pvt

McBee John H. A Pvt

McClellan John A Pvt

McClelon John A Pvt

McClennan John A Pvt

McCumber Henry A Pvt

McDaniels Daniel N. B Pvt

McDaniels Nathan B Sgt

McDermott William B Cpl

McDonough John B Pvt

McKnight Jacob J. B Pvt

McLease Thomas A. A Pvt

McLeese Thomas A. A Pvt

McLellon John A Pvt

McNamara Cornelius B Pvt

McNamarow Cornelius B Pvt

Metcalf Martin D. B Pvt

Metcalf William B Pvt

Minda Mathias J. A Pvt

Minde Mathias J. A Pvt

Miner Nelson A Capt.

Morse John D. A Pvt

Munson Albert A Pvt

Nelson Anthony B Pvt

Neuman William A Sgt

Newman William A Sgt

Nieff John B Pvt

Oleson Andrew A Pvt

Oleson Bringle B Pvt

Oleson Christian A Pvt

Oleson Colburn B Pvt

Oleson James B Pvt

Oleson Ole A Pvt

Oleson Theodore B Blacksmith

Omeg Peter A Pvt

Orland Ole N. A Pvt

Parker Sterling L. B Pvt

Pattee (or PattFemian? A, B Pvt

Peters James Z. A Pvt

Phelps James O. A, B Pvt

Phelps Loman E. A Pvt

Phillips Abel R. B Pvt

Pierce Henry M. A Pvt

Pike George A 2 M Sgt

Ploghaff Frederick A Lt

Prindle Timothy H. A Blacksmith

Raney Peter A. A Bugler

Ranney Peter A. A

Rannie Peter A. A

Reandeau Baptiste B

Reandeau Thomas B

Reaudeau Baptise B Pvt

Reaudeau Thomas B Pvt

Reese Geniral M. B Pvt

Rimer Miles B Pvt

Robart Fred A, B

Robeart Fred A, B

Robert Fred A, B Pvt

Robinson Elijah K. B Sgt

Rose George B Pvt

Rouse John B Pvt

Sanborn Jonah R. B Sgt

Searles Wm B

Searls Wm (Jr.) B Pvt

Shaw Amos F. A Cpl

Sheldon Myron B Cpl

Sherman Phillip A Pvt

Shrague? Dempster B. B Pvt

Smith Dewitt C. A Lt

Snider Wm W. A Pvt

Snow Henry A Sgt

Snow John B. A, B Pvt

Snyder Wm W. A

Solberger John A

Solburger John A Pvt

Sollberger John A

Sollburger John A Pvt

Soric John B

Sorrick John B Pvt

St. Onge Louis H. B Pvt

Stager Charles B. A Cpl

Stringer Joseph B Pvt

Tallman John A Pvt

Tate ? Thomas J. A Pvt

Townsend Hezekiah B Pvt

Travercie Alexis B Pvt

Travercie Paul B Pvt

Tripp William W. B Pvt

Tripp Wm B Capt.

Trucks Abram J. A Pvt

Trumbo John A Pvt

Trumbo Wm B Pvt

Turgeon Ferdinand B Pvt

Vandevier Joseph W. B Pvt

Vandvier Joseph W. B

Vanosdale Samuel B

Vanosdale Wm B

Vanosdel Samuel B Pvt

Vanosdel William B Pvt

Vansdale Wm B

Verwyck Berand B Pvt

Wallace Morris J. B 2 M Sgt

Wamble Charles A Pvt

Wambole Charles A

Watson? Jesse B. A Sgt

Weeges Thomas H. A

Weegs Thomas H. A

Weeks Thomas H. A Pvt

Weigs Thomas H. A

Welch John I. B

Welsh John J. (or I.) B Pvt

Whitcomb Jonah B Pvt

Wilkin Edwin A

Wilkins Edwin A Bugler

Will Henry B Pvt

Will Joakim A Pvt

Wilson Kenoin A Com Sgt

Wilson Thomas B Pvt

Wixson Eli B. B Com Sgt

Wood Bucklin H. A Pvt

Wood John R. B Lt

Wood Lorenzo B Pvt

Wood Uriah B Pvt

Woodruff Henry A Pvt

Wright Charles A Cpl

Young Wm A Cpl