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Dakota Territory

1860 Census

118 109 Matthews Andrew W. 1 M Dakota

118 108 Matthews Anne 70 F England

118 109 Matthews Honore 19 F England

118 109 Matthews John 27 M England

118 109 Matthews W. F. 24 M Farmer England

118 108 Matthews Wm. 50 M Farmer England


During Civil War

In the fall of 1861, the War Department authorized the governor of Dakota Territory to raise two companies of cavalry for the War of the Rebellion, to be employed in patrolling and garrison duty in the territory. Three recruiting stations were established by Governor Jayne, by proclamation of December 7, 1861, viz.: At Yankton, Vermillion, and a third at Bon Homme, at that time the three principal towns on the Missouri slope....The governor appointed J. Kendrick Fowler, a brother-in-law of Secretary Hutchinson, recruiting officer at Yankton; Nelson Miner at Vermillion, and James M. Allen at Bon Homme. These recruiting officials entered at once upon their duties, and Company A had raised its complement of men during the winter following and was mustered into the service of the United States at Yankton in April 1862. Its commissioned officers when mustered in were Nelson Miner, captain, Vermillion; J. K. Fowler, 1st lieutenant, Yankton; Frederick Ploghoff, 2nd lieutenant, Bon Homme. The company rendezvoused at Yankton awaiting the formality of 'mustering in' to the service of the United States.

The company was claimed by some of the Yankton people as a local organization, though no more than one-third of its members had been residents of the future county prior to enlistment, the remainder coming from Clay, Cole, Bon Homme, Minnehaha, and one from Nebraska. Its membership included several veterans who had seen service in the regular army.

Taken collectively it was a fine body of men, physically, intellectually, and morally. Quite a number of the recruits were farmers and nearly all claimholders. The ceremony of 'mustering in' took place at Yankton on the 29th day of April, 1862, Lieut. M. R. Luce, of the Forty-first Regiment of Iowa Volunteers, being mustering officer. The term of service was for three years or during the war..." ---from History of Dakota Territory by George W. Kingsbury, Vol. I, pp. 191-192 (1915)

Civil War Roster - 1st Dakota Cavalry

This file contains 270 names of Civil War soldiers that were in the 1st Dakota Cavalry.

This list was compiled by Joy Fisher from the NARA (National Archives) Microfilm Number M 536, Roll 1. The FHC film number for this same roll of film is 881,616

This file is copyrighted by Joy Fisher, 1997 and may be freely copied for non-profit purposes.

This file is a part of the services of SDGENWEB

L Name F Name Company Rank

Alderson Richard A Pvt

Allen John E. A, B Pvt

Allen Oliver B Pvt

Anderson Edward A Pvt

Anderson Michael A Pvt

Andrews Cornelius A Pvt

Arend Christopher B Pvt

Arend Henry B Pvt

Armstrong Thomas H. B Pvt

Austin Horace J. A Sgt

Bacon James M. A 1 Lt.

Bates John A Pvt

Beitz John A Pvt

Bell John W. A Pvt

Bellows Benjamin A, B Pvt

Bellows George L. (or S A, B Pvt

Bellows William H. A Pvt

Below Benjamin A, B Pvt

Belows George A, B Pvt

Benadict William W. A Pvt

Benedick Wm. W. A Pvt

Benedict William W. A Pvt

Benjamin David A 2 Lt.

Bennedict William A Pvt

Betz John A Pvt

Bigelow Gilbert B. B Pvt

Bradley John A, B Pvt

Bradly John A, B Pvt

Brurid Christian Hanso A Cpl

Brurud Christian H. A Cpl

Buckhardt Robert A Blacksmith

Buckhart Robert A Blacksmith

Burchard Robert A Blacksmith

Burckhard Robert A Blacksmith

Burghart Robert A Blacksmith

Burid Christian H. A Cpl

Campbell David A Pvt

Cirtier Leander B Pvt

Clanch John A Pvt

Clande John A Pvt

Clark T. Elwood B 2 Lt.

Claude John A Pvt

Clyde Sherman B Cpl

Collins John A, B Pvt

Conway Patrick A 2 M Sgt

Cowan Miles B Pvt

Cramer Joseph C. A Pvt

Crooks Samuel M. B Pvt

Cummings James A Pvt

Cummins James A Pvt

Cusick Nelson W. A Pvt

Delona Sahil A Pvt

Deloney Sahil A Pvt

Delony Sahil A Pvt

Desy Louis H. B Pvt

Dignon Lawrence B Cpl

Dimick George W. B Cpl

Dormidy James B Pvt

Ealey John P. B Pvt

Ellingsen Nells A Pvt

Ellingson Nells A Pvt

Ellis Joseph A Cpl

English Alvah M. A 1 Sgt

Estes Benjamin F. A Sgt

Estus Benjamin F. A Sgt

Falkenburg George A Cpl

Falkenbury George A Cpl

Falkinburg George A Cpl

Falkinburgh George A Cpl

Falkingburg George A Cpl

Farnsworth Samuel B Pvt

Fate William H. H. B Cpl

Felling Nicholas B Pvt

Feltjevelt Harman A, B Pvt

Fieltvet Harmon A, B Pvt

Fisher Michael A Pvt

Fitzgibbon John B Wagoneer

Fjeltvet Harmon P. A, B Pvt

Fjelvet Harmon I. A, B Pvt

Fleoder Julius A Pvt

Fleury Antoine B Pvt

Floeder Julius A Pvt

Flooder Julius A Pvt

Ford John O. A Pvt

Forde John O. A Pvt

Fowler John K. A 1 Lt

Frick Lewis A, B Pvt

Frick Thomas A Pvt

Furlong James J. B Pvt

Furlong William F. B Pvt

Gates Lewis B Pvt

Gaugham Hugh B Pvt

Gibson Albert A Pvt

Goodfellow William R. B Pvt

Gray Benjamin F. A Pvt

Gray Josiah A Pvt

Gregory John B Bugler

Hagan Zachariah A Pvt

Haggin Zachariah A Pvt

Hagin Zachariah A Pvt

Hall John S. B Cpl

Hammond James T. B Pvt

Hampton Thomas J. B Pvt

Hanson Amond (or Amund A Bugler

Harington Ezeriah A Pvt

Harrington Ezeriah A Pvt

Hart Benjamin F. A Pvt

Herrington Ezeriah A Pvt

Holden Peter F. A Sgt

Homer William C. B Pvt

Hoosick George A Pvt

Horton Stephen B Pvt

Hough John B Pvt

Hoyt Melanthon K. B Sgt

Jarvis Ulrick B Pvt

Jewell Trobridge R. B Pvt

Johnson John A Pvt

Jones Ananias A Farrier

Kealer Alexander B Pvt

Keeler Alexander B Pvt

Kelly Daniel B Pvt

Kenney James A Pvt

Kenny James A Pvt

Kinney James A Pvt

Kinny James A Pvt

Larson Mathias B Pvt

Larson Ole B. A, B Pvt

Lavoic John B. B Pvt

Lavoie Octave B Pvt

Leonard Charles B Pvt

Lewiston Ole A Pvt

Lionat Joseph B Pvt

Long Charles A Pvt

Lothrop Merrill G. A Cpl

Ludwig Jacob A Pvt

Mancksch Adolph A Cpl

Manksch Adolph A Cpl

Mansch Adolph A Cpl

Marmon Robert B Pvt

Maskell John A Pvt

Mathieson George D. B Pvt

Mathieson Richard W. B Pvt

Matthieson George B Pvt

Matthieson Richard W. B Pvt

McBee John H. A Pvt

McClellan John A Pvt

McClelon John A Pvt

McClennan John A Pvt

McCumber Henry A Pvt

McDaniels Daniel N. B Pvt

McDaniels Nathan B Sgt

McDermott William B Cpl

McDonough John B Pvt

McKnight Jacob J. B Pvt

McLease Thomas A. A Pvt

McLeese Thomas A. A Pvt

McLellon John A Pvt

McNamara Cornelius B Pvt

McNamarow Cornelius B Pvt

Metcalf Martin D. B Pvt

Metcalf William B Pvt

Minda Mathias J. A Pvt

Minde Mathias J. A Pvt

Miner Nelson A Capt.

Morse John D. A Pvt

Munson Albert A Pvt

Nelson Anthony B Pvt

Neuman William A Sgt

Newman William A Sgt

Nieff John B Pvt

Oleson Andrew A Pvt

Oleson Bringle B Pvt

Oleson Christian A Pvt

Oleson Colburn B Pvt

Oleson James B Pvt

Oleson Ole A Pvt

Oleson Theodore B Blacksmith

Omeg Peter A Pvt

Orland Ole N. A Pvt

Parker Sterling L. B Pvt

Pattee (or PattFemian? A, B Pvt

Peters James Z. A Pvt

Phelps James O. A, B Pvt

Phelps Loman E. A Pvt

Phillips Abel R. B Pvt

Pierce Henry M. A Pvt

Pike George A 2 M Sgt

Ploghaff Frederick A Lt

Prindle Timothy H. A Blacksmith

Raney Peter A. A Bugler

Ranney Peter A. A

Rannie Peter A. A

Reandeau Baptiste B

Reandeau Thomas B

Reaudeau Baptise B Pvt

Reaudeau Thomas B Pvt

Reese Geniral M. B Pvt

Rimer Miles B Pvt

Robart Fred A, B

Robeart Fred A, B

Robert Fred A, B Pvt

Robinson Elijah K. B Sgt

Rose George B Pvt

Rouse John B Pvt

Sanborn Jonah R. B Sgt

Searles Wm B

Searls Wm (Jr.) B Pvt

Shaw Amos F. A Cpl

Sheldon Myron B Cpl

Sherman Phillip A Pvt

Shrague? Dempster B. B Pvt

Smith Dewitt C. A Lt

Snider Wm W. A Pvt

Snow Henry A Sgt

Snow John B. A, B Pvt

Snyder Wm W. A

Solberger John A

Solburger John A Pvt

Sollberger John A

Sollburger John A Pvt

Soric John B

Sorrick John B Pvt

St. Onge Louis H. B Pvt

Stager Charles B. A Cpl

Stringer Joseph B Pvt

Tallman John A Pvt

Tate ? Thomas J. A Pvt

Townsend Hezekiah B Pvt

Travercie Alexis B Pvt

Travercie Paul B Pvt

Tripp William W. B Pvt

Tripp Wm B Capt.

Trucks Abram J. A Pvt

Trumbo John A Pvt

Trumbo Wm B Pvt

Turgeon Ferdinand B Pvt

Vandevier Joseph W. B Pvt

Vandvier Joseph W. B

Vanosdale Samuel B

Vanosdale Wm B

Vanosdel Samuel B Pvt

Vanosdel William B Pvt

Vansdale Wm B

Verwyck Berand B Pvt

Wallace Morris J. B 2 M Sgt

Wamble Charles A Pvt

Wambole Charles A

Watson? Jesse B. A Sgt

Weeges Thomas H. A

Weegs Thomas H. A

Weeks Thomas H. A Pvt

Weigs Thomas H. A

Welch John I. B

Welsh John J. (or I.) B Pvt

Whitcomb Jonah B Pvt

Wilkin Edwin A

Wilkins Edwin A Bugler

Will Henry B Pvt

Will Joakim A Pvt

Wilson Kenoin A Com Sgt

Wilson Thomas B Pvt

Wixson Eli B. B Com Sgt

Wood Bucklin H. A Pvt

Wood John R. B Lt

Wood Lorenzo B Pvt

Wood Uriah B Pvt

Woodruff Henry A Pvt

Wright Charles A Cpl

Young Wm A Cpl