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Danielson, Anders (later anglicized to Andrew)
B: 05 Dec 1850, Sweden
D: 26 Apr 1926
M: Kajsa Unknown

Homesteaded in Thompson Township, south and east of Hallock, MN

FN: Unknown Danielson
MN: Unknown

Andrew Danielson and Kajsa Unknown had 6 girls and 2 boys:

Ekvald A. Danielson
B: 03 Oct 1876, Sweden
D: 04 Feb 1951
M: Unknown

Children of Ekvald and Unknown:

Boy Danielson
D: In infancy

Stanley Danielson

Judy Danielson

Elna Danielson

Lloyd Danielson

Emma Danielson
B: Lowry, MN
M: Herman Lindberg, son of Erik Olson and Maret Martensdotter
and foster son of N. O. Lindberg and Ellen Mattsson / Mattsdotter.

Children of Herman Lindberg and Emma Danielson:

Unknown Lindberg

Unknown Lindberg

Unknown Lindberg

Chrystal Lindberg
B: Karlstad, MN
M: Unknown La Muro

Mary Danielson
B: Oct 1881
M: Oct 1912, Mathias Ericison (Math)

Children of Mathias (Math) Ericison and Mary Danielson:

Mabel Ericison
B: Montana
M: Murvin Winge

Children of Murvin Winge and Mabel Ericison:

Dennis Winge

Della Ericison
B: Hallock, MN
M: Vincent Dahlgren

Children of Vincent Dahlgren and Della Ericison:

Gary Dahlgren

Randy Dahlgren

Oscar Ericison
B: Hallock, MN
M: Jean Brandt

Adolph Danielson

Christine Danielson

Tina Danielson

Agnes Danielson

Charlotte Danielson
M: William Dahlquist