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In Days Gone By

Kittson County Enterprise

25 November 1992

1892 - 100 years ago

As was predicted last week, Knute Pearson was released from bonds by Court Commissioner Hammond, as it was plain there was no evidence that was sufficient to hold him over to the district court.

Another new feature of enterprise added to the business portion of Kennedy, something on the order of a Royal Cafe, where anything in the line of a delicate lunch, from friend oysters to angel's food may be obtained, on short order.

Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Adams moved into their elegant new residence on Wednesday of this week. It is one of the finest homes in the county. Their former residence will be occupied by Mr. Love's family.

The Two Rivers is frozen and ice skating, that delightful and exhilerating sport, is being generously indulged in by Hallock's lads and lasses.

1942 - 50 years ago

Mr. Pete Johnson of Hallock received a wire today from the U. S. Government Monday morning informing him of the sad news that his son, Ralph Pershing, of U. S. Navy, was missing in action. They asked Mr. Johnson not to give out any information in regard to his station or name of the ship on which he was assigned as such details are helpful to the enemy.

At Memorial Hospital, a baby boy was born Tuesday, Nov. 17 to Mr. and Mrs. Ferdy Pearson of Lancaster. All concerned are very well.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Thompson of Argyle motored to Hallock Monday morning to attend the funeral of the late Dr. E. C. Borley.

The office of Kittson County War Ration Board has been swamped with applications for fuel oil for lighting, cooking and heating dwellings.

Mr. and Mrs. George Lindgren took the flyer on Sunday down to Shakopee where they will take mud bath treatments.

1967 - 25 years ago

Farmers are beginning to complain throughout Kittson County because of a shortage of water for their livestock and their complaints are justified according to the opinions of the best authorities available here.

Temperature wise the mercury took its first dip of the season Monday evening when the thermometer recorded a zero reading.

Now that the construction workers at the Midwest Gas Company site have completed their work and left the area, Pearl's Inn has settled down to a normal routine and the rush of the past few months has tapered off considerably.

Staff Sergeant William F. Wilkie, son of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Wilkie, Noyes has received the U. S. Air Force Commendation Medal.

Mr. and Mrs. Conroe Peterson motored to Warren on Friday to visit Conroe's mother, Mrs. Selma Peterson, who is at the Emmaus Lutheran Home in Warren.

1982 - 10 years ago

Nutmeg, a 6-week old part golden lab Brittany spaniel puppy, is the newest resident of Kittson Memorial Nursing Home as of last week.

Kennedy Scouts enjoyed an overnight campout in Indian summer weather along the Two Rivers near Hallock. Campers were Mike Hoekstra, Jason Turn, Mike Swanson, Robby Grundstrom, Todd Truedson, Aaron Tunheim, and Paul Larson.

Galen and Julie Nordin of Moorhead are home during Thanksgiving week and will be steam cleaning carpets by appointment.

H-StV physics class members Rhonda Cleem and Linda Johnson, successfully launched a rocket they had made.

A collision with a moose on Highway 59 early Monday morning resulted in injuries to a Karlstad man, Tom Olson, driving a 1972 Ford, apparently struck the moose about a mile north of Karlstad.

1987 - 5 years ago

Kittson County's only woman mayor is Mrs. Evelyn Lennon of Donaldson. Mrs. Lennon has been mayor for three years. Her present term is up in November, 1988.

It all came down to one final play last Saturday, when the Verndale Pirates scored a last minute touchdown against the Hallock Bears. The stunning last minute play ended the game 6-3 in favor of Verndale which goes on to the Prep Bowl.