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In Days Gone By

Kittson County Enterprise

08 November 1995

1895 - 100 years ago

Superintendent E. A. Nelson is teaching the intermediatedepartment at the city school these days in the absence of Miss Nellie Andersonwho had the misfortune of being seriously hurt in a collison with Bill Inglison skates one night this week. They both have an ugly wound over the lefteye.

The recent snow and rain made the roads quite slushy, butthese frosty mornings are keeping them in pretty good condition after all.

Manager L. G. Fournier of the Kennedy Mercantile Co. hadthe misfortune to get a rusty ten penny nail run through his foot and asa result he was laid up a few days. L.G. is a hustler and he found it kindof hard to be laid up these busy times but we hear he is around again.

Wm. Stewart, brother of R. H. Stewart of this city, arrivedfrom Manchester, England last week. Mr. Stewart has decided to make hishome in this city and will open a place of business in the near future.

1945 - 50 years ago

Hiliary Czapiewski, proprietor of Chip's Cafe, arrivedhome this week with his wife and child from the armed services, having receivedhis discharge. Hiliary will resume his work in the restaurant here.

The Oscar Ryden family, consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Rydenand their son, Jimmy left Wednesday for Phoenix, Arizona, by car, expectingto reach their objective in about four days time, a distance of close to2,000 miles. Oscar is a grain farmer here, and having gathered in his harvestand plowed his land, had no further interests to take of, so thought hewould dodge the cold weather in Arizona, where he has been cotton farmingin past years. He does not intend to work this winter. "We are justgoing west and get all the sunshine we can," Oscar said.

Harry Miller of the Chevrolet Garage left by train Tuesdayevening for Minneapolis and will drive back a new 1946 Chevrolet coach,which will be on display at the Younggren-Miller Garage.

The Fred Sugden family moved this week from the TheresaJondahl residence in which they have lived to the home of Delia Johnsonwhich they recently purchased. The Raymond Winter family will move intothe Jondahl home.


Several parties of pheasant hunters have been in the westcentral part of the state the past week end. They include Art and RichardPetersburg, E. L. Berg, Conrad Dahl, M. A. Ziegler, Arnold Mattson, andElmer Pearson.

The Mark Baldwin twins of Humboldt are visiting at thehome of their grandparents, the Frank Larsons, this week.

1970 - 25 years ago

The Humboldt Junior and Senior High School students participatedin the Soil Conservation District Speech Contest. The speech contest isdivided into a Junior Division, students in grades 7 through 9, and a SeniorDivision, grades 10 through 12. Senior Division winners were as follows:Lois Diamond placed first; Linda Twamley was named first alternate and StevenAsh was selected second alternate. Junior Division winners were Bobbi JoSchulte, first place, and Tom Twamley, alternate.

Mrs. Willard Pearson was a participant in the Make it withWool contest in Thief River Falls on November 7th, modeling a wool suit.She rode down with mrs. Edward Younggren, also a contestant. Mrs. Pearson'sdaughter, JoyBeth, rode to Thief River Falls later with Mrs. Phillip Petersonand daughter, Jillayne.

"Airport" the movie that was filmed to a greatextent at International Airport in Minneapolis is showing at the Grand Theatrein Hallock through Nov. 19. Mr. Joe Carriere, owner of the Grand, reportsthat the film is breaking all box office records in Minnesota not only becauseof the excellence of the picture, but also because the film company useda great deal of local talent in the airport terminal scenes.

1985 - 10 years ago

Winners of the Halloween costume contest and drawings wereannounced by coordinators of the annual event held at the Hallock City Halllast week. Costume winners were Richard Anderson, Leslie Bedard, Ann Gudmundson,Betsy Jones, Autumn Kinkead, Travis Bergeron, Rhonda Schwenzfeier, LeraSugden, Jeff Ryden, Ryan Schwenzfeier, Rachel Clow, Breanne Johnson, AnthonyLawrence, Jason Welebski. Approximately 375 to 400 youngsters turned outto have a good time at the party.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holmgren and Tricia of Tenstrike, Mrs.Lois Moore of Colchester, VA, Loree and Jonathan Holmgren of Lancaster wereSunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Tureson. Later the Holmgren'sand Lois Moore hosted a birthday party for Mabel Holmgren at the ICF.

District 32 All-Conference volleyball players were selectedlast week with Tri-County, Karlstad topping area schools with three selections.Names to the All Conference team from Hallock was Tina Isaacson; from Humboldt-St.Vincent,Senior Joell Diamond; from Kennedy, Senior Meridee Langen; and from Lancaster,Senior Heidi Nelson.

Kennedy Rockets All-Conference football selections in theNorthern Lights Conference were James Langen, James Hagen, Tim Rynning,Steve Swanson, Brian Dahl, Jared Hagen, Mike Peterson, and Barry Woinarowicz.

1990 - 5 years ago

The Hallock Chamber of Commerce held a pumpkin paintingcontest with grades 4-5-6 of the Hallock Elementary School participating.First place winners received $5 Hallock Dollars, second place $3 HallockDollars and third place $2 Hallock Dollars. Winners included Alisa Carlson,Grade 5, third place; Jessie Berg, Grade 4, first place, Krista Gustafson,Grade 5, second place; Jason Muir, Grade 4, third place; Andrea Hunt, Grade6, third place; Joanna Vagle, Grade 6, first place; Margo Iverson, Grade4, second place; and Luke Aipperspach, grade 6, second place.

Nathan Kasprowicz placed first in the Multi-State Punt,Pass and Run competition. After qualifying in the Minnesota State competitionheld in Rosemont, Minnesota, Nathan advanced to the Multi-State competitionwhich was held in Rosemont. Nathan brought home a first place in this competitionagainst a field of athletes from six other states.

Kittson County North Cougar volleyball players named tothe Northern Lites Conference team were Roni Lynn Hemmes, a senior at Humboldt-St.Vincent,and Melanie Peterson, a junior at the Lancaster School.

Named to the Northern Lites Conference volleyball teamfrom Hallock-Kennedy Wolfpack team were Rose Pinnock, a senior at KennedyHigh and Jenny Losch, a senior at Hallock High.