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In Days Gone By

Kittson County Enterprise

31 July 1996

1896 - 100 Years Ago

Every farmer should take advantage of the hay crop thisyear. Hay is plentiful and if everything else proves to be a failure, theremight be something in shipping hay.

While bathing at Detroit Lake last Saturday, Mayor Douglasshad a collision on the roller togoggan slide and received a nasty cut inthe head, just above the eye, the effect of which caused him to carry hishead in a sling and be laid up for a few days.

The Summer training for Kittson County opened here lastMonday morning and was called to order in the large public school building.Everything was favorable for the opening and those in charge will spareno efforts to make this the most successful term of any that has ever beenheld here. Profs. Tenny and Challman have general charge of the work andtheir reputation as educators throughout the state is such that the successof this term is certain. Teachers from all parts of the county began toarrive early Monday morning and the enrollment for the first day was forty-fourand up to yesterday two more had arrived making the total forty-six.

Following we give a list of those enrolled, furnished bySupt. E. A. Nelson: Cora Peterson, Luna Davis, L. F. Parker, Clara Porter,Addie McMillan, Eva Cridland, Minda McLeod, Isabelle Gillispie, John J.Brown, Christie McIver, mary McIver, Mary Mulver, Nora Harrison, MinniePeterson, Bertha Graham, Nellie Orme, Lee Lundberg, Selma West, Annie Ferguson,Regina Meldahl, Agnes Gillespie, Gertrude Larter, Victor Clow, P. M. Duff,James McGovern, Clara Yeo, George Hosick, Wm. Clinch, John Meldahl, CarlA. Anderson, Victor Linholm, Blanche Carey, Nellie Toner, Annie Oleson,Maud Wagoner, Nellie A. Eagan, Florence V. Dure, Katie-Toner, Stella Lindholm,Alex B. Root, Lestlie Mason, Selma Ryden, Ralph Demars, Ivez Gardiner, MillerSmith.

1946 - 50 Years Ago

The appointment of Mr. Emil Lager of Lancaster as a memberof the County Farm Security Advisory Committee was announced today by Mr.Fred J. Marshall, State FSA Director. Appointments are made for three yearsand Mr. Lager replaces Mr. Alfred Forfang, whose term expired June 30, 1946.

The other two members on the Kittson County Committee areN. L. Nelson of Lake Bronson, Minnesota and Ida M. Beck of Lancaster, Minnesotawho is chairman. The committee reviews all applications and also servesin an advisory capacity to the county FSA supervisor.

At high noon, Sunday, July 21st, Winnifred Erickson, daughterof the late Mrs. Edward Erickson of Hallock, and Raymond Edlund, son ofMr. and Mrs. Gust Edlund of Hallock, exchanged nuptial vows before the beautifullydecorated altar at the Stephen Presbyterian Church at Stephen, Minnesota.The Rev. F. L. McKean read the marriage service. Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Berg,cousins of the bride attended the bride and groom. Mr. and Mrs. Edlund willmake their home in Hallock where Mrs. Edlund operates the Woman's Shop andMr. Edlund is now employed with the Tanquary Bee Industry after servingthree and one half years in the army.

Last Monday about midnight, just before Marshall Al Dipplewas making his final rounds about the town, he picked up a man who couldnot get a place to sleep in Hallock. Al took the fellow to the town jail,where he provided him with a place to rest over night. The man turned outto be a "sword swallower" who was with the Royal American showsnow showing in Canada. He said he had received word from his wife that theirson had returned home from Europe after serving several years in the armyminus two legs and one arm. The frantic mother wanted her husband to returnhome to re-adjust their lives to their sorrow. He quit his job with thecircus to go home.

1971 - 25 Years Ago

Otter Tail Power Company president Albert V. Hartl has announced a series of changes athigh-level management positions. New district manager at Langdon will beJohn MacFarlane, who has been division engineer at Jamestown since 1964and an Otter Tail employee since graduating in 1961 from the Universityof North Dakota. He is a native of Northcote, Minnesota.

The Farmers Store in Hallock recently completed a remodelingof the entire grocery department. The renovated department features newsteel shelving, wider isles, new frozen food sections, automatic checkoutcounters and an overall increase in floor space allotted to the department.

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Nordling of Hallock, Minnesota announcethe engagement of their daughter, Barbara Lee, to James R. Thompson, sonof Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Thompson of Donaldson, Minnesota. Miss Nordling isa graduate of Hallock High School and is presently a senior at MoorheadState College majoring in Elementary Education. Mr. Thompson is a graduateof Kennedy High School and a 1971 graduate of North Dakota State University.An October 23rd wedding is being planned.

1986 - 10 Years Ago

Peggy Pearson, rural Lancaster, was a winner of $100 anda chance to win a 1986 Pontiac Fiero in Coca Cola's "Hot Car and ColdCash" promotionn, sponsored by the Crookston and Grand Forks Coca ColaBottling companies. Pearson's name will now be entered into the drawingfor the Fiero which will take place in September among $100 winners in theCrookston-Grand Forks market area.

Kennedy John Deere won the Kitt-Co Softball tournamentin Lancaster Sunday, defeating the Miller Red Devils 11-9 and 12-3 afterlosing their first game to the Red Devils 9-3. Team members are Dean Mortenson,Ken Urbaniak, Dean Balstad, Jon Pietruszewski, Lynn Safranski, Milt Elhard,Jim Dahl, Keith Dziengel, Keith Urbaniak, Barry Langen, Greg Bogestad, DaleEschler, David Langen, Randy Swanberg, Dan Juhl and Ryan Murray.

A trip to Fun Mountain was one of the offerings of theHallock-Kennedy Community Education courses this summer and several youngsters,along with a few parents, boarded a bus to the Manitoba recreation centerlast Friday morning. The kids and chaperones spent the day enjoying thewater slides and other entertainment offered at the popular spot near Winnipeg,returning home in the early evening.

1991 - 5 Years Ago

The Kennedy Jaycees donated $175 to Maria Lutheran SeniorHigh Youth. The donation was to help defray meal expenses while the groupattended the National ELCA Youth Convention in Dallas, Texas July 1-9. Youthgroup members are Ryan Truedson, Jason Christian, Mike Martinson, Eric Spilde,Tina Hultgren, Jenny Hultgren, and Michelle Grundstrom.

Dale Eschler was closest to the pin during the ThunderbirdInvitational July 21. Duck Younggren had the longest men's drive, HelenKolden, had the longest women's drive and Brian Kraska made the longestputt.

n had the longest men's drive, HelenKolden, had the longest women's drive and Brian Kraska made the longestputt.