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In Days Gone By

Kittson County Enterprise

05 February 1997

1896 - 100 years ago

Coal is down 50 cents per ton, and yet, the increased consumptionmakes more than the difference. The dealers could do better than this even,but the the unjust discrimination in railroad rates which compels them topay $3.15 per ton freight if the car is stopped here, while they will sendit on to Grand Forks, 25 miles farther for $2.50 per ton.

Louis Scopple has opened a new harness shop in the officeof the Calmer barn, near Ben Thrane's restaurant. Mr. Scopple has been employedin the Proctor harness establishment at Pembina and with Mr. Rehiel of Emerson.

Mr. Muir of Hallock passed through town in company withHarry Curry. They were bound for Rainy River with a load of goods for Wm.Keiver's store. Mr. Muir will have charge of Keiver's store until Mr. Keiverreturns from Chicago, where he has gone to purchase his summer stock ofmerchandise.

Mrs. Charles Norman made her husband a present of a 12pound daughter last Friday. Mother and child doing well.

Miss Leslie Mason, St. Vincent, is visiting with her friend,Miss Nora Harrison, for a couple of days.

While in the act of drawing a pail of water from a twenty-fivefoot well, Martin Monahan, a bachelor living near Hallock, dropped the wellbucket to the bottom and in attempting to let himself down to go after it,the rope gave away and he also fell to the bottom, remaining there fromfour o'clock in the evening until twelve o'clock next day, when a neighborhappened to come around and heard his cries. All this time, Mr. M. was standingup to his waist in ice cold water. Dr. Demars was at once sent for and weunderstand the patient is again doing well.

1946 - 50 years ago

Glen collins and Luverne Dreher, both Lake Bronson boys,left thie week for St. Paul where they will train to enter the prize-fightingring.

The Charlie Jaszczak home of Orleans was burned to theground last Monday night. The fire was discovered about 6:30 p.m. burningbetween the walls. The family, consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Jaszczak, fivechildren, all under 8 years of age, and a grandfather, had to seek shelterin a neighbor's home several blocks from their. A raging blizzard was foingon and the temperature was 24 degrees below zero.

Bob Cameron, who is employed with the Tanquary Bee Industryhere, returned to Lena, S.C., driving back a truck for the company. He wasaccompanied on the trip by George Pemberton who will spend a week in Lenabefore returning home.

1971 - 25 years ago

Three Kittson County law enforcement officials were electedto lead the Northwest Police Officers Association for the coming year. SheriffWillard Pearson and Deputy Sheriff Roger Thompson, Kittson County, wereelected President and Vice President, respectively. Patrolman James Tri,Hallock, was elected Secretary-Treasurer.

Julie Webster, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Webster,St. Vincent, was named County Speaking Champion. The topic of the contestwas "Humanizing the Environment - A Societal Task." Julie's talkdealt with the individual environment.

Harold Haubrich returned from a seven day trip to Washington,D.C. and Norfolk, VA. He was met in Washington by his son, Greg, who isstationed in the U.S. Navy at Norfolk. Greg plays first trumpet in one ofthe bands at Norfolk.

Sheldon Carlson, accompanied by Roger Weberg, left forWinnipeg as Sheldon was chosen by the Standard Oil Co. to furnish fuel forthe snowcats on the International 500 snowmobile race from Winnipeg to St.Paul.

1986 - 10 years ago

Gordon and Joyce Bernstrom, rural Lancaster, have beenselected by the Kittson County Extension Committee for the 1987 Valley Farmer-Homemakeraward.

Claire Nelson, Hallock, received only minor injuries ina collision involving the tractor he was operating and a northbound BurlingtonNorthern train.

A baby boy was born to Peter and Pam Anderson, Warroad,Jan. 14. He has been named Maxwell Charles. Grandparents are Margaret andManford Anderson, Hallock.

A baby shower was given for Evan Jasmer Bernstrom at thehome of Davi Peterson. Evan is the son of Jerry and Eileen Bernstrom.

1991 - 5 years ago

Dick and Peggy Cosley are the new owners of the Hartz Storein Pembina taking over the business from Herb and Elsie Muth.

Jeffrey Jay Bergh was born to Heidi and Tracy Bergh, Jan.25. Grandparents are Jay and Joyce Bergh, Hallock, and Jack and Mary Moore,West Fargo.

Austin Mackay from North Larne, Ireland, visited at theDarrel Zimmermans from Friday to Sunday. He came to the cities to take inthe Super Bowl game then rented a car and came up to visit Darrel and Joyce.He was here three years ago and did some traveling with the Zimmermans.

Bruce Mortenson, on behalf of the Red River Lutheran Churchcongregation, presented Pastor Ken Losch with a Chicago Cubs sport jacketfollowing the morning worship services Sunday.

Victoria Wilebski, Lancaster, announces the engagementof her daughter, Sheryl, to Jason Bauer, son of Timothy and Linda Bauer,Frazee.

The Hallock community theater presented "Play On"last weekend. Members of the cast included Karen Bergeron, Judy Vroom, KathyBlomquist, Roger Malm, Paul Greenberg, Rock Malm, Paul Greenberg, Rock Bakken,Bonnie Pearson, Dean Bergeron, Carley Amann, Alane Carlson, Connie Nelson,Barb Peterson and Theron Pearson. The play was under the direction of RockBakken.

Jesse Strege, Lancaster, will participate in the International500 Snowmobile Race. The race is routed from White Bear Lake to ThunderBay, Ontario.






e Bear Lake to ThunderBay, Ontario.