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In Days Gone By

Kittson County Enterprise

26 February 1997

1896 - 100 years ago

A. M. Eklund left for the coast last Friday.

East Grand Forks has been visited by a sixty thousand dollarfire. The flames were first discovered in Wm. Low's saloon and before thefire engines could be brought in shape nearly the entire south side of DeMer'savenue, including probably the most magnificent saloon northwest of Chicago,was enveloped in flames.

Dr. Spence had a rather tough experience last Saturdaydriving over from Kennedy. He became lost in the blizzard and got quiteseverly frost bitten about the hands, wrists and face. He was over threehours on the road. Doc. says he has done more or less driving in this countryfor fourteen years, but this was the worse drive he ever undertook.

The new law requiring full naturalization is going to createhavoc among the small-fry officeholders about the state. The attorney generaldecides that those who have not taken ot their second papers before an electioncan neither vote nor hold office.

Hallock observed Washington's birthday by hoisting thenation's colors, closing up her banks and principal places of business.The primary and intermediate department of Hallock school also took a holidaywhich shows the patriotism of the teachers. There is nothing that teachesa child patriotism quicker than a patriotic teacher, who will allow hispupils a holiday on a national holiday and explain to them the reason thereof.

1946 - 50 years ago

>1946 - 50 years ago