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In Days Gone By

Kittson County Enterprise

12 March 1997

1897 - 100 years ago

Louis Thompson left to resume his studies at the GrandForks college.

Doc Muir had a rough ride while on a professional tripto Red River one night. He was caught in a blizzard, lost his way, got outof the rig to get his horse on the road and the wind was blowing so hardthat it blew the cushion out of his sleigh. He did not stop to hunt forit, but braved the storm and reached home o.k.

The snow has drifted to depths unknown before since thesettlement of this county. W. J. Louden has a granary that is built withtwelve foot studings and the height of the roof must be sixteen or eighteenfeet and still the snow gathered on it to so great a depth that the raftersbegan to give away and he was forced to shovel off a bank that ran fromthe barn to and over the granary that was four to six feet deep where itthreatened the safety of the building. The snow must be in the neighborhoodof 25 feet deep. If this vast amount of snow should go off quickly and accompaniedby rain, the high water of '82 would cease to be a date for the "oldestinhabitant" to reckon time from.

1947 - 50 years ago

Four Hallock High School students scored superior ratingsin the Sub-District finals at kennedy. Tommy Veblen rated superior in thediscussion division and Russell Reddington won superior in the memorizedoratory. Marilyn Johnson won first in the dramatic section with her interpretationof "Those are the Stars" and John Lindberg won the highest honorswith her "Goodby Sister" in the humorous division.

The farm home of John Sutherland, Hallock, was damagedby fire last Saturday. The fire started in the attic of the home, due toa defective chimney.

Kennedy and Hallock rated superior on their one-act playsbut as only one play could advance to the district competition, Kennedywas rated above Hallock.

A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Glidden March9 at the Kittson Memorial Hospital.

Mrs. Eline Ristad celebrated her 82nd birthday March 7.Those who came to help her celebrate were her daughters, Mrs. Nick Bohach,Stephen; Mrs. Ray Quiner, Lancaster, and Mrs. Anna B. Carlson, Hallock.

Russell Younggren moved a large home from his farm to Hallockthis week and is placing the building on lots in southeast Hallock.

Luverne Dreher, son of Otto Dreher, Lake Bronson, who lefthere last fall to train in St. Paul for the prize-fighting ring won hisfirst prize fight when he fought a St. Paul fighter. Dreher won by a knock-out.

1972 - 25 years ago

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Johnson, owners of the Hallock MileageCafe, and Tim Olson, Karlstad, have purchased the Chuckwagen Cafe at Cavalier.They assumed the business on March 1. Tim Olson is the son of Mr. and Mrs.Raymond Olson, Karlstad, and a brother of Mrs. Jim Johnson. Olson will managethe Cavalier operation and Mr. and Mrs. Johnson will continue managing theHallock 24-hour truck stop.

"Dear Diary," a three-act play will be presentedby the Lancaster PTA. Proceeds from the play will go to the PTA ScholarshipFund. The cast includes: Mary Phillips, Rev. Carroll Anderson, Gloria Bernstrom,James Sass, Mary Ott, Tessie Dahlman, Alice Homstad, Donald Stanislawski,Tom Sebenaler, Loretta Arin, Julia Boroski, Rev. Jimmy Morris, and DeloresLyberg. The play is diredcted by Mary Jane Goldstrand and James Sass.

A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Maloney, Hallock.She has been named Errin Maureen.

Janet Clow, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Willie Clow, St. Vincent,took fifth place in the State Ability Counts Essay Contest. The topic was"Employment of the Handicapped: How well is my Community informed."

1987 - 10 years ago

Scott and Jody Betlach, Mahtomedi, Minn. announce the birthof their son, Carl Douglas, born March 4. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs.Dennis Nelson and Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Betlach, all of Hallock.

Ernie and Catherine Klegstad, Hallock, announce the engagementof their daughter, Debora, to Kirk Meseck of Harard, Ill. An April 25 weddingis planned.

Chris Skjold, a student at Humboldt-St. Vincent SeniorHigh School, will earn statewide recognition for having an original pieceof literature published in the High School Writer of Minnesota. The writingis titled "2087: A World Crisis."

Girls basketball players selected for Northern Lites All-Conferencehonors are: Kim Johnson and Linda Noel, Hallock; Susan Sand, Lancaster;and Karen Porter, Karlstad.

1992 - 5 years ago

The Hallock-Kennedy Wolfpack girl's basketball team capturedthe Sub-Section 4 title of Section 8 by defeating the Stephen Tigers 40-35.Members are: Tara Sugden, Lorri Nyegaard, Shannon Hennen, Rhonda Schwenzfeier,kelly Sjoblom, Krista Bowman, Sara Hodny, Melisa Potrament, Shana Polkinghorne,karen Larson, Sabrina Flatland, Rachel Olsonawski, Wendy Dziengel, and SamiLosch.

Girls basketball players selected for Northern Lites All-Conferencehonors are Melanie Peterson, Lancaster, and Rachel Olsonawski, Karen Larson,Wendy Dziengel, and Sabrina Flatland, Hallock.

Alice Danielson, Audrey Sandahl and Lucille Johnson accompaniedSander and Ruth Gustafson to Grand Forks where they attended the Grand ForksMaster Chorale Coffee Concert. Members of the chorale from this area areLyndon Johnson, Ron Fossell, and Dwight Lundeby, formerly of Hallock.