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In Days Gone By

Kittson County Enterprise

25 June 1997

1897 - 100 years ago

A. E. McLeod and Claus Lindblom have put up fine awningsin front of their places of business.

Barnard Johnson is putting up a fine residence and barnnear the Malmstrom residence. Mr. Thornberg is also erecting a residencenear the courthouse.

Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Smith and little children went to Northcote,the object being to celebrate Mr. Smith and Mrs. Smith's mother's birthday,which occur on the same day.

On their way home from Thief River Falls, Abe Olander andNels Prink were held up by two highwaymen. Abe took it cool, pulled hisgun quickly and got the drop on them. The highwaymen were glad to give upthe job.

Messrs. C. W. Davis, E. B. and B. Flint took a trip toRed River to catch some fish. They lost plenty of bait but caught no fish.

Nikola Tesla, the famous electrician, has anticipated thetwentieth century by telegraphing without wires. He has transmitted electricsignals through the earth a distance of twenty miles and received similarsignals in return. He believes that the system he has just perfected willrender it possible to communicate intelligence from any point on the globeto any point without intervention of wires or connecting lines of any kind.

1947 - 50 years ago

Miss Mary Baldwin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Phil Baldwin,Humboldt, was married to Erwin Retzlaff, Minneapolis June 13. Mrs. MarkBaldwin attended the bride, and Ralph Miller, Osceola, Wisconsin attendedthe groom

Friends and relatives of Mr. and Mrs. Hartvig Pearson surprisedthem when they invaded their home, the occasion being the celebration oftheir 25th wedded year.

Goldie Berg returned to spend the summer with her mother,after completing the past term of school teaching at St. Louis Park.

Calvin Bouvette pourchased a new Chevrolet car which wasdelivered to him last Saturday. Calvin says he went without a car duringthe entire war and has had his order in for a new one for several years.

Anita Moore, Hallock, and Ann Andert, Northcote, have beenchosen delegates to the National Youth conference held in connection withthe work of the Presbyterian Church and will leave here to attend the conventionin Grinnell, Iowa. They will be accompanied by Rev. Haverly.

George and Bill Pemberton returned from Georgia where theywent to drive home their honey bees which they have housed in the southduring the winter. We do not know how bee men would describe the natureof their return cargo of the "stingers." George said he had a15,000 lb. load of bees on their return here, which should provide at leastone sting for every man, woman and child in the country.

Leroy Swenson, Arlen Erickson and Tomny Mortenson are proudowners each of a motor scooter. Arlen has had his for some time but theother two boys recently purchased theirs.

1972 - 25 years ago

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Johnson, Hallock, announce the engagementof their daughter, Nancy, to Mr. Ronald Foss, son of Mr. and Mrs. OlgerFoss, Viking.

A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Swanson, Hallockat Kittson Memorial Hospital June 17. He has been named Michael John andwas 9 lbs. 4 1/2 oz.

Paul and Mark, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Craigmile, participatedin Dairy Day at Thief River Falls. Paul showed his Holstein senior yearlingand Mark his Holstein dairy calf and both boys placed in the blue ribbongroup.

Arthur Nordling, Leslie Nordling and Don Nordling joinedduane Nordling, Leonard Bengtson and John Plaine, Hallock on a weekend fishingtrip to Lake of the Woods.

Confirmation rites were held at Sion Lutheran Church, Lancaster.Confirmands were Deborah Anderson, daughter of Pastor Carrol and Betty Anderson;Cynthia Carlson, daughter of Sheldon and Lorraine Carlson; Maria Peterson,daughter of Delbert and Doris Peterson; Kris Pearson, daughter of Phillipand Jennie Pearson; Beth Ann Peterson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Peterson;Royce Peterson, son of Roger and Ruby Peterson; Jeffrey Karol, son of Mr.and Mrs. George Karol; Merle Schwenzfeier, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schwenzfeierand William Sanner, son of Peggy and Floyd Sanner.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyndon Gustafson announce the arrival of theirfirst grandchild, a son, Thomas Lyndon, born to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reynolds,Great Falls, Montana, June 16.

1987 - 10 years ago

Duane Lyberg, Hallock, has been selected as Kittson County's1987 "King Agassiz," succeeding 1986 King Roger Schwenzfeier.

A baby boy was born to Philip and Patricia Muir June 17.He weighed 7 lbs. 15 oz. and has been named Andrew James. Grandparents areRobert and Dorothy Muir and Sid and Dorothy Lawrence. Andrew has a sister,Jami Lynn.

Diane and Rich Brettingen, Daniel and nancy Lundberg andDiana and Jim Tunheim hosted a dinner at Maria Lutheran Church for familyand friends who attended the confirmation of their children, Amy Lundberg,Aaron Tunheim and Stephanie Brettingen.

1992 - 5 years ago

"The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940" is the latestplay that the Kennedy 42nd Street Song and Dance Compoany will perform.The cast includes Connie Nelson, Paul Greenberg, Kathy Blomquist, Rob Giffen,Hallock; Mary Dahl, Jim Petersburg, Bernie Wilebski, Leroy Hoekstra andDebi Elhard, Kennedy; and Tom Silewski, Stephen. Accompianist is Ruth Hoekstra,Kennedy.

First place winners in the adult volleyball tournamentduring Back Home Days was the Mark Blomquist team. Members were Darby Greiner,Joel Anderson, Jim Norland, Mark Blomquist, Kayla Hanson, Laurie Fowlerand Roxanne Ogorek.

First place winners in the lip sync contest in the 12 andover age group was the Village People performing to the song YMCA. memberswere John Vollmer, Turnkey Johnson, Dan Money, Scott Hanson, Troy Larsonand Brian Tusow.

Lancaster Old Milwaukee team defeated the Hallock Businessmenin two games to claim the first place trophy in the eight team men's softballtournament. Team membvers are Donald Burton, Dorran Anderson, James Diamond,Butch Kraska, Shawn Lyberg, Dan Nelson, John Bowman, Chris Jerome, ErikFinney, Joe Kraska, Steve Sjostrand and Mike Whitlock.








teve Sjostrand and Mike Whitlock.