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In Days Gone By

Kittson County Enterprise

17 March 1999

1899 - 100 years ago

Not "Little Miss Muffet," but little Miss CarolineThompson, with a host of little friends "who sat down beside her"helped to celebrate her fifth birthday.

While carelessly handling a loaded revolver, Aleck Bartelette,St. Vincent, was accidentally shot by P. Stranger, the ball penetratingthe right lung and lodging n the back. The wounded man is still living,but it is said his chances are not clear.

The hockey game between Crookston and Hallock resultedin a score of 7-3 in favor of Hallock. The visiting team gave our boys somehot work in the first couple of goals, but after that they began to weaken.

O. A. Wiste celebrated his 30th birthday and a number ofguests pronounce it a right royal time. The only thing that marred the pleasureof the evening, was Mr. Wiste's refusal to tap a bottle of campagne which,he claims, was presented to him five or six years ago and which is yet intact.Some of the boys tried to steal a march on the bottle, but Wiste caughtthem in the act. He promises that the cork would never be pulled, only onthe event of his wedding. Think of it boys, one score years and ten - thechances are the cork will never be pulled.

In a fight at St. Vincent, George Bates, well known tothe older residents of this county, was beaten so severely that he diedfrom the injuries before morning. John Smith, a saloon keeper, was arrestedand placed under $3,000 bail. Mr. Smith pleads innocent of being mixed inthe unfortunate affair.

John Enguist, Kennedy, is preparing to open up a modernbutcher shop in the building just north of the hotel.

Job had patience, but like Ed. Johnson, Job never triedto back a sleigh into a narrow shed on a dark night.

1949 - 50 years ago

Mrs. Mons Anderson had the misfortune to fall on the icystreet, breaking her right arm.

A pre-nuptial shower was given in honor of Ruth Ann Lofgrenat the Hallock Presbyterian Church. Hostesses were Mesdames John Swanson,O. Becken, Chester Fowler, Eric Erickson, Cornelius Nelson, Henry Lindegard,E. B. Anderson and Oscar Gullander. March 19 is the date of her marriageto Elmer Kuhlman.

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Mattson are parents of a baby boyborn March 16 and Mr. and Mrs. Andy Larson announce the birth of their fourthdaughter, March 12.

Mr. and Mrs. Eldred Lindahl returned home from an extendedvacation trip in the east. They made the trip by car and visited relativesin New York and enroute also had a tour of Washington, D.C.

1974 - 5 years ago

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Robb, Kennedy, announce the engagementof their daughter, Janice Marie to Ramond Hunt, son of Mr. and Mrs. VernHunt, Hallock. A July 5 wedding is planned.

Four men of the Hallock area made statewide and probablynationwide news when they "streaked" through the Hallock businessdistrict on snowmobiles. Streaking, or running nude, is the latest campusfad to hit the country. The four Hallock men on three snowmobiles made theirrun in Hallock about 10:30 p.m. with temperatures at 10 degrees above zero.About 40 people were on hand to witness the event.

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Pearson and daughters left for Philadelphia,PA where Tim will be stationed with the U.S. Navy. The Pearson family hasmade their home in Hallock since early last spring when Tim completed hisfour year enlistment. Tim has now re-enlisted and plans to make the Navyhis career.

1989 - 10 years ago

Suzanne's held its first annual stockholders meeting theweek of March 10-17 in Mazatlan, Mexico. Those in attendance were Suzanneand John Niles, Valerie Blomquist, Brent and Peggy Pearson, Jamie and GailNorland and Ken and Nancy Oxendahl.

Morris and Patricia Kobetsky, Grand Forks, announce theengagement of their daughter, Karolyn to Jay Larson, son of Juliette andEllKay Larson, Kennedy. A July 21 wedding is planned.

Top fundraisers at Humboldt-St. Vincent School for JumpRope for Heart were: Karen Bockwitz, Virginia Bockwitz, Monica Anderson,Laura Peterson, Karen Anderson, and Lisa Skjold.

1994 - 5 years ago

Champions of the sub-section 4 title in Region 8 was theKittson Central Wolfpack boy's basketball team. Members include: Ryan Schwenzfeier,Eric Gustafson, Phillip Pearson, Neil Wiese, Jacob Hook, Jeff Ryden, NathanKasprowicz, Mike Langen, Brett Niles, Scott Flatland, George Hanson, MattGustafson, Eric Spilde, and Jon Losch.

Kittson Central's girls basketball all-conference playerswere named who are: Nicole Albrecht and Kelly Sjoblom.