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In Days Gone By

Kittson County Enterprise

07 July 1999

1899 - 100 years ago

O. J. Holmgren has his name in big silver letters on hisglass front. Ole must be a silverite.

The Hallock News is putting in a new gasoline engine withwhich to run its presses. The News will soon drift away from the rank ofordinary run of country weeklies.

The bank of Stephen will erect a new brick bank buildingon the drug store corner, having purchased the same from Dr. Smith.

A terrible electrical and wind storm oprevailed at St.Vincent. The Great Northern pumping mill was blown down and the St. Anthonyand Dakota Elevator Co. flat house was wrecked. The storm took J. Diamond's60 foot barn with nine horses, thirty feet. It broke windows, trees, andblew down chimneys.

1949 - 50 years ago

Grant Bothum chartered a plane from the Pembina airportto confer with Massey Harris officials in Minneapolis and Racine, Wis. arrangingfor additional machinery to take care of back orders.

Mr. and Mrs. Gunnar Ryden announce the engagement of theirdaughter, Doris, to Arthur Romano, The Bronx, New York. Their marriage willbe July 21.

Sig Bloomquist, who farms four miles east of Hallock, hada tussle with a hay loading machine and got the worst of it. When the hayloader was hoisting hay, its sharp prongs struck Mr. Bloomquist in the back,breaking two ribs and otherwise bruising him. He was treated and was nothospitalized. He is fortunate it was not more severe.

On July 4, Reuben Tranberg, son of Mr. E. M. Tranberg andMary Kiryluk, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Kiryluk, Hallock, were unitedin marriage in Minneapolis.

The Jensen Bros. Piper Cub plane crashed at the MorrisJensen farm just after the plane, with Morris at the controls, had takenoff from the the farm field. With Morris in the plane at the time was RayHamberg, Karlstad. The plane had rached the altitude of about 20 feet whenMorris lost control of the machine after a sharp turn in an effort to avoidcontact with REA wires. Fortunately, neither of the occupants were injured.

Dale Willadson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Willadson,Hallock, has just completed a private secretarial course at the MinnesotaSchool of Business in Minneapolis. After a vacation at homne, she plansto return to Minneapolis and take a position.

Carol Ann Peterson, Lois Moran, and her mother, Mrs. IverTureson and Clayton Sanner, Lancaster, made up a group that motored to ThiefRiver Falls.

A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Homstad June24. She's a real Scandinavian "Midsummer Girl."

Rumor has it that Harry Thornberg who has been associatedwith Northwest Airlines for a number of years working in that concern'srestaurant on a far-off island of the Aleutions, last stop before takingoff for Tokyo and Shanghai, may go to Tokyo to operate a restaurant forthat concern there.

1974 - 25 years ago

Blacktopping is underway at the new airport in Hallock.It is one of the major projects to be completed and then the runway lightingsystem will be installed.

A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Peterson, Lancaster,June 25 at Kittson Memorial Hospital. She has been named Melanie Sue.

Mark Pearson of Pearson Auto, Hallock, was the winner ofa large tool chest at Eversons.

Jay and Scott Carriere rode their mini-bikes out to thePaul Gillie home. Nathan Gillie then joined the boys and they went overto Dean Younggrens to see Loren.

Eight young people were confirmed at the Sion LutheranChurch. They were: Tammy Anderson, daughter of Jerry and Marge Anderson;Becky Christopherson, daughter of Arden and Lois Christopherson; Mark Hanson,son of Ronald and Maxine Hanson; Kimberly Homstad, daughter of Cliffordand Genevieve Homstad; Colleen Nicholson, daughter of Dick and Maureen Nicholson;Mark Quiner, son of Bob and Luella Quiner; Neil Rundquist, son of Palmerand Vivian Rundquist; and Debbie Carlson, daughter of Harley and Doris Carlson.

1989 - 10 years ago

Gerald and Carol Olsonawski, Hallock, will represent KittsonCounty in the 1989 Red River Valley Emerging Leadership Program.

1989 lifeguards at the Hallock pool are: Jennifer Losch,Jodee Hennen, Jori Clay, Sherri Carriere, Diane Younggren and Kristen Turner.

Milton "Pete" Craigmile will retire his positionas maintenance worker senior at the Hallock station of the Minnesota Departmentof Transportation July 6. He began working for MN/DOT in 1960.

Kelly and Trina Bengston announce the birth of a daughter,Micaela Trina, born June 18. Grandpartents are Judy Bengston, Hallock, andRonald and Shelah Jacobson, Greenbush.

1994 - 5 years ago

Kathy Torkelson, Plymouth and Gordon Bernstrom, Lancaster,were married June 11 at Maple Grove Covenant Church, Maple Grove. Gordieand Kathy are at home on their farm east of Lancaster.


ve. Gordieand Kathy are at home on their farm east of Lancaster.