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In Days Gone By

Kittson County Enterprise

11 August 1999

1899 - 100 years ago

W. J. D. Winters, Winnipeg, is in the city visiting withhis cousin, Chas. Dunbar.

Married on Aug. 6, at the residence of the bride's father,by Rev. O. J. Lundell, Hans Hultgren to Ester Erickson, both of Enok, thiscounty. Mr. Hultgren is the popular postmaster of Enok and his bride hastaught school in the county for many years.

A couple of hobos walked into the office of the MinneapolisBrewing Company of Crookston and tapped the till for $81 while Clerk L.C. Couverette had his back turned. He soon discovered it and in less thantwo hours the police had the two toughs rounded up. The money was recoveredand the till-tappers await trial.

Mr. W. Kemp, Pembina, after visiting with her daughter,Mrs. S. E. Thompson here, returned home.

E. W. Erickson says that while visiting Franc Younggren,he drove over to see the well in Marshall county, which leads to a subterraneanstream and he says one can really hear the tossing and rumbling sound ofthe water as it rushes on to where the fellow who was digging it, was founda few days after his disappearance, at the bottom of it. Who said Kittsoncounty had no whappers?

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Younggren, Mrs. and Mrs. Chas. Younggren,and Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Erickson composed a party who drove over to Donaldsonto pay France Younggren a visit who is managing Oscar's big farm in thatpart of the county.

The Kissing Bug - A young man whose name we dare not mentionat this writing, but who has been assisting about the Robertson Lumber Co.recently is reported to have been bitten by this pest a few evenings ago.Why this young gentleman should be singled out by this malicious and brazeninsect as a mark for its oculatory exercises is s conundrum to his friends.As a result, his mouth is swollen to nearly twice its natural size, he cancan now be said to have before him, one of the largest and best openingsin the county. It is to be hoped that the swollen condition of his facialorifice will in no manner hinder or impede his diversions. The doctors havediagnosed the wound and pronounced it the work of a school "marm."The young man said in speaking of the matter, "It happened shortlyafter 12 o'clock the other evening. I wasn't alone - we were standing onthe porch looking at the stars and wondering which one would be our homewhen life became immortal. I made what I consider some very appropriateremarks for the occasion. I felt something touch my mouth, gently at firstand then followed a sharp sting. It all seems so foolish and ridiculousto me now that I do not care to talk about it any more than to say, thatI am out of danger."

1949 - 50 years ago

A fire alarm was sounded in Hallock when the departmentresponded to a call at the Carl Gatheridge farm, about a mile south of Humboldton Highway 75. The farm home was burned to the ground, nothing was saved.Mr. and Mrs. Gatheridge were up early that morning and had started a firein a kerosene stove. Leaving the home they went to the barn to do the milking.Upon returning they found their home in flames and it is thought the kerosenestove must have exploded. Their four children, Charles 10, Douglas 8, Helen7, and Charlene 4, were all asleep on the upper floor of the home. Mr. Gatheridgebroke in a door panel and called to the children. They awoke and managedto make their way to safety.

Harvey Diamond was injured on a combine, requiring severalstitches on one hand.

Anton Masloski was in Hallock toting a 300 pound bear onhis car, the second he has killed north of Lancaster.

Lillian Hanson, 10, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hanson,Lake Bronson, swam across Lake Bronson, accompanied by a life guard in aboat beside her. It was just short of a high mile in width. It took her14 minutes and 20 seconds.

1974 - 25 years ago

Janet Sedenquist is attending Pioneer Girls Camp at Frazee.

Mark and Beth Kraulik returned after a week's tour in Hawaii.They visited the Ivan Krauliks in Honolulu who had just returned there aftera month's leave in the states.

The basement for Mr. and Mrs. Byron Bowman's new home isdug, and soon contractor Leonard Nelson will have the house taking shape.

Kevin Hanson, Rick Potrament, and Bruce Pantzer spent theweekend camping at Lake Bronson State Park.

Billy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Moore and Rick, son ofMr. and Mrs. Maurice Sugden, returned from a 1,000 mile Honda trip. Theyspent their first night at Itasca State Park where they they spent theirfirst night and had their first trouble in the form of raccdoons that raidedtheir food supply. The second night they were camping at Duluth. The nextmorning they went on to Solon Springs, Wis., their destination. On theirreturn home they spent a night at Bemidji and visited with Billy's collegefriend, Scott Stewart.

1989 - 10 years ago

A girl was born to Hugh and Pam Hunt, Aug. 1. She has beennamed Cassandra Mae. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Alison Hunt, Hallock,and Mrs. and Mrs. Thomas Ahmann, Foxholm, ND.

Karen Enlid and Laura Omdalen from Norway were houseguestsof Raymond Johnsons July 18-22.

The Lancaster Midgets claimed the overall championshipof the North Star Baseball League with a 4-3 win over Karlstad. Membersof the team include: Michael STeen, Joel Peterson, Derrick Sjostrand, StevenSjostrand, Kevin Grabowska, Jacob Anderson, John Finney, Brad Rice, JoeyWelebski, Shawn Lyberg, Erik Finney, Dan nelson, Donnie Schmideberg, CoachKraig Hunter and assistant coach Tom Coffield.

1994 - 5 years ago

Sue Hilman, Lake Bronson, took over ownership of The FlowerShop in Hallock from Juli Younggren. Juli bought the business from Jackand Judy Reese eight years ago.

Annette Jarus and jeff Homstad, were married July 23 onthe Dakota Queen, Grand Forks. Attendants were Jim and Wendy Hunter, Moorhead.Annette and Jeff are at home in Northcote.

Chuck and Mary Dziengel announce the birth of a baby girlborn July 31. Denise has two brothers, Chad and Paul. Denise's grandparentsare Bob and Luella Quiner, Lancaster, and Pete and LaVonne Dziengel, Kennedy.



ancaster, and Pete and LaVonne Dziengel, Kennedy.