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In Days Gone By

Kittson County Enterprise

02 May 2001

1901 - 100 years ago

J. C. Eagan, of Wyoming, Wis, who recently bought out thePete Johnson farm, arrived here on the 24th and immediately took possessionof his new property. Mr. Eagan brought out some fine Jersey stock and afine lot of fowl.

Good bird dogs seem to be in demand. Theo. Rosmer soldhis Llewellyn setter this week to St. Paul parties for $50. Adolph Swensonand J. E. Bouvette also shipped a couple of fine English pointers to thesame place.

Mr. Oscar Lindstrom and Mrs. Ward, daughter of Mrs. Donaldson,came up from Alexandria last Friday and returned Saturday, accompanied byMrs. D. who will again take up her residence at that place. Mrs. Donaldson,who is in charge of a department in our school, was offered a reappointmentfor the coming term but refused, to accept a position with the Detroit HighSchool.

John Hathaway, Victor Hanson and several others of thesoldier boys reached here on Tuesday having just returned from the Philippines.They were members of the 34th U.S. Infantry and most of them left here withCaptain Decker.

1951 - 50 years ago

A deal was in the making as we went to press whereby theLake Bronson Creamery will be sold to O. O. Nyflot of Strandquist and histwo sons, Oscar and Boyd. The present owner of the place is Jim Adams andB. A. Rising of Lake Bronson.

The bureau of agriculture economics said Monday it appearsthat the carry over of wheat on July 1 will be about 425,000,000 bushels,or about the same as a year earlier.

Friends here will be pleased to learn that Eugene Minski,son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Minski of rural Hallock, has been promotedfrom Mess Sergeant to Sergeant First Class at Camp Rucker, Ala.

Monday of this week, Richard (Dick) Higgins left the Enterpriseto go into business with his father who is located at Richfield, Minneesotawhere he publishes a newspaper which has been an established business fora number of years.

For a number of years it has been a practice of customersin most of Kittson County's restaurants to shake dice to determine who wouldpay for the usual afternoon lunch. This has been stopped under legislationwhich has been enforced by Governor Youngdahl.

1976 - 25 years ago

The honor students of the 1976 graduating class of LancasterHigh School have been announced by Principal Denal Johnson. Rick Potrament,is valedictorian and Lois Potrament has been named salutatorian.

Three more new business firms opened their doors in theSterling Mini-Mall this week. They are the Stable and Corral, the CraftyPlace, and the Christian Book Store.

On Thursday night of this week Hallock stores kickoff whatthey believe may be the biggest "Spring Opening" in recent years.Local stores will be open for business on Thursday nights until 9 p.m. throughnext Christmas.

Special recognition will be given to beards and mustachesat the 1976 Kittson County Bicentennial Fair on July 8, 1976. Awards willbe given to the longest beard, best groomed beard, longest mustache, bestgroomed mustache, most unusual beard and the best Abe Lincoln beard.

Seven area residents have been named village and townshipchairmen of the Bell Ringer Drive by Judy Schotzko, President, Mental HealthAssociation of Minnesota. They are: Mrs. Einar Sjoval, Karlstad, Pelan Township;Mrs. Phillip Pearson, Lancaster, Granville Township; Mr. James L. Pederson,Kennedy, Spring Brook Township; Mrs. Bruce Engstrom, Lancaster, CaribouTownship; Mrs. Harold Finney, St. Vincent, Clow Township; Mrs. Robert Bockwitz,Humboldt, Humboldt Village; Mrs. Phillip Lambert, Hallock, Hazelton Township.

1991 - 10 years ago

Joseph Brown, the former administrator of Karlstad MemorialHospital and new administrator of Kittson Memorial sees a lot in the HallockHospital.

Tom Kozojed is the new highway engineer, hired March 19.

Colette Costin, daughter of Ken and Ruth Costin, Hallock,was named to the University of Minnesota's College of Liberal Arts dean'slist winter quarter 1991.

John MacFarlane, president and CEO of Otter Tail PowerCompany, was named the new chairman of the board of directors at the board'smeeting April 8.

1996 - 5 years ago

The Two Rivers River in Hallock finally crested at 809.50feet April 23. Hallock City Police Chief, Jim Tri, stated that they haddikes around town protected to 812 and 813 feet. The river's flood stageis 802 feet above sea level.

Sandbagging was still going strong last week in Hallockas the Kittson Central Schools excused a few classes from their normal routineto help with the efforts. Over 50,000 sandbags were distributed in the cityof Hallock during the rising of the Two Rivers.


d in the cityof Hallock during the rising of the Two Rivers.