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In Days Gone By

Kittson County Enterprise

19 June 2002

1902 - 100 years ago

Never, in the history of this county has there been such a demand for farm lands as now. In some sections, this great demand has developed into a craze and a lot of worthless land has been unloaded at boom prices, and the purchasers will realize their mistake when it is too late. Hence, we advise you to be very careful before parting with your cash.

Hallock, the county seat, is a town of about 1,000 inhabitants. It has a graded school with seven rooms. Six churches, a bank whose deposits average about $200,000, J. Kelso and Son, and which is known throughout the county as being one of the most solid banking institutions in the northern part of the state, two newspapers, three hotels, three drug stores, jewelry store, three hardware stores, seven general stores, four restaurant and confectionery stores, three millinery establishments, two meat markets, two furniture stores, boot and shoe store, clothing store, two lumber yards, two livery and feed stables, four machine depots, laundry, tannery, two barber shops, two dental offices, six land offices, cigar factory, four blacksmith shops and numerous other shops, such as, paint, carpeting, shoe, harness, tin, etc., and numerous places of amusement, also two flouring mills and five elevators. The county's finances are in good condition, the indebtedness being very low and run from $10 to $20 on a quarter section, owing to improvements, school taxes, etc.

James J. Hill delivered an address before the Illinois Manufacturers Club of Chicago on Wednesday evening of last week which has attracted the attention of the entire country. It was a great speech. His views were broad and liberal. Mr. Hill discussed the relation between the farmers and railroads and the railroads and manufacturers.

Donaldson has side walks now on nearly every street.

1952 - 50 years ago

The following person have filed as candidates for election to the Board of Education of School District No. 2 of St. Vincent and Humboldt: Virgil Bockwitz and Albert Clow.

The REA show was shown in Karlstad yesterday. The streets of that town were filled to capacity with cars parked on them everywhere and the turn out of farmers was said to equal that of any other civic doings ever held in Karlstad.

Dorothy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Boychuk of Hallock, left last Thursday evening for St. Paul where she went to attend Girl's State as the representative from Hallock High School.

Lancaster gave Lake Bronson's Lakers the walloping of their lives last night on the Lake diamond when the score ended at 13 to 1. Clarence Beck, Lancaster coach said next time they played Lake Bronson he would bring an adding machine along to keep track of the score.

The following left Tuesday morning on the bus for induction into the army: Richmond Lapp of St. Vincent; Donald Nordine, Karlstad; Henry A. Peterson of Hallock; Henry G. Peterson of Karlstad; Harris Johnson, Kennedy; and Raymond Brady, Lancaster.

1977 - 25 years ago

The Lake Bronson business community is in the midst of something more than a "mild" building boom. No less than a half dozen projects are underway that will do much do enhance the business district for local as well as tourist shoppers.

The new Mini-Golf at Lake Bronson provides customers with 18 holes, each with a different approach or obstacle to overcome, to play alone or in competition with others for low score. also under construction is a driving range. Eugene Durand of Lake Bronson is the owner of the new endeavor. It is located on County Road 28, near the state park.

The late Fred M. Jones of Thermo-King Corp. and Richard G. Drew retired 3M inventor, were named to the Hall of Fame as part of the Minnesota Inventors Congress taking place in Redwood Falls, Sunday.

The re-dedication service of the recently expanded pipe organ at the Hallock Grace Lutheran will be on Sunday, June 26.

Free coffee and doughnuts and 12 drawings for merchandise prizes and cash was the attraction at Northwestern State Bank of Hallock last Friday. The bank was celebrating its first anniversary under new ownership.

1992 - 10 years ago

Kittson County King Agassiz for 1992 was recently named with Richard Anderson of Hallock receiving the honors.

The Lake Bronson State Park had open house Sunday, June 7. Visitors enjoyed coffee and cookies served by the Lake Bronson Lions Club. It was a chance to visit friends and neighbors.

The Volunteer Fire Departments from Kennedy, Hallock, Lake Bronson, Lancaster, Karlstad and Drayton were in Kennedy all day Saturday to participate in a customized training program. 45 firemen were on hand to burn three houses using different types of techniques.

Royal Neighbors Camp 10081 of Lancaster hosted the Red River Valley District #1 convention June 2. Lancaster members include Jean Potrament, Doris Swenson, Victoria Wilebski, Christine Anderson, Freda Erickson, Viva Hunter, Freda Christopherson, Joyce Schmiedeberg, Emma Olson, Avis Reese, and Anna Hanson.

1997 - 5 years ago

Kittson Memorial Healthcare Center, Hallock, is in the process of expanding and remodeling the x-ray room. Hospital Administer Rick Failing said the expansion and remodeling will amount to a $160,000 improvement.

The annual Midsummer Day Celebration will be held Saturday, June 21 in Lake Bronson. Scandinavian musical entertainment will be performed by Skalmusic beginning at 2 p.m. by the depot on the museum grounds. Bring your lawn chair.

Winnie Bloomquist, Drayton, was the winner of the "Name the Cafe" contest of the former Family Restaurant, Hallock. The new name of the restaurant is the Mileage Post Cafe. Bloomquist's entry was chosen from 150 entries. She won a dinner for two at the cafe.