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In Days Gone By

Kittson County Enterprise

10 July 2002

1902 - 100 years ago

Taking into consideration the condition of the weather, the fair and celebration last Friday and Saturday, was one of the most successful, financially and otherwise, the Society has given for many years, and the new management has reason to feel proud of its success.

John D. Rockefeller has made $12,000,000 in the last six months without working Sundays. If he continues frugal he will be able to enjoy that popular weekly half-holiday within a few years.

James J. Hill has gone to Labrador. Some of the people who have done business with him are undoubtedly of the opinion that he was cool enough before.

A special freight train ran up this line last Wednesday distributing telephone poles for the long distance line to be put through at once. It will be completed in time to congratulate Governor Rosing on his selection next November.

1952 - 50 years ago

Mrs. Albert I. Gunnarson of rural Lake Bronson is a patient at the Hallock Hospital, suffering from a painful injury she received last Saturday at about 4:30 a.m.

John Maksymchuk of Caribou township is having trouble with a timber wolf. Last week the beast attacked his herd of sheep, killed 18 of them in one night. One animal had its chest torn open.

Dr. McAllen and family and Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Woodard and family left here last Thursday for Ely, Minn., to spend the 4th of July vacation and returned last Sunday night.

Gilbert Olson of Hallock has been hauling rocks on the new construction job here. They load rocks by means of a power lift and this minimizes the hard work to some extent.

The KittsonWar Veterans Hospital of Hallock reports the birth of 20 babies during the month of June, four of which consisted of two sets of twins which were previously reported in this newspaper.

The "Mystery Farm" was that of LaVerne Clow, near Orleans, which he owns and operates himself. He has been on the place for 11 years. He has three children: Ricky, Susan, and Katherine. He practices the triple A methods, farms along diversified lines, grain and cattle.

1977 - 25 years ago

The Queen and her court of Honor were crowned this Friday night in front of the grandstand for the 4-H Dress Revue. they are Ruth Hanson, Red River 4-H Club; Jillayne Peterson, First Attendant, Red River 4-H Club; Joni Lindgren, Teien 4-H Club; Queen Janet Sedenquist, Red River 4-H Club; and Angela Jerome, Red River 4-H Club.

Maribel Berg of Kennedy and Carl Furaas of Lake Bronson were crowned Outstanding Senior Citizens at the fair on Friday evening. They were chosen last Tuesday evening at a recognition banquet at Karlstad where this picture was taken. Others were Myrtle Murray (alternate queen); John Cameron, Hallock Fair Board representative; Jim Vought, Kennedy; Roger Ward, St. Vincent; Wallace McLees, Lancaster; Ernest Carlson, Karlstad; and Percy Johnson, Hallock, 1976 King.

Lloyd Fandrich, Humboldt; Kenneth Helling, Karlstad; Peter Jukovich, Lancaster and James Poissant, Kennedy have been named to committees by the Minnesota Association of School Administrators. Fandrich is serving on the constitution and personnel committees; Helling, executive development; Jerkovich, special education, and Poissant, professional.

Kennedy almost had a flash flood one day last week when the coulee rose (and fast) to almost street level at the back of the Fosell home. It was all due to the very industrious beavers who were providing for a winter's supply of water but in the meantime were causing fields back of the dam to be flooded.

Bob Jaszczak and his friend showe the goats that won in the Open Class, Grand Champion French Alpine and Reserve Champion Nubian. Bob is a member of the Lancaster 4-H.

David Spilde, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tilden Spilde and a member of the Halma 4-H Club, shows his Grand Champion Wether.

Grand Champion beef and Grand Champion Showmanship in 4-H competition went to this animal belonging to Paul Craigmile. Reserve Champion Dairy and over-all championship honors in the Open Class were accorded to Paul Craigmile for his fine Dairy Cow.

Mark Craigmile won Reserve Champion in 4-H Beef Steer competition and also Reserve Champion in Showmanship.

1992 - 10 years ago

Kittson Central and Kennedy school boards seem to have acted correctly in the past few weeks of conflict over several teachers' seniority rights.

The addition to the sign at the entrance to the county fairgrounds reads "Kittson County-Home of the State Fair President Willis Lilliquist." Mel Sunday crafted and donated the labor in the sign, which is in appreciation of all the support that Lilliquist gives to 4-H.

The Hallock WelcomeWheels recently visited Mark and Dawn Austin and family who moved to Hallock from Crookston.

The Old Enterprise building which is over 100 years old, was torn down June 23. The building housed the Kittson County Enterprise office and presses from 1893 to May 1963.

Lancaster celebrated its third annual "Heritage Days" July 3-5 with ethnic foods, a talent show, a frog jumping contest and more.

The Swedish performers "Frendnas," a group of 23 dancers and two musicians, performed at the Lake Bronson school gym Monday, June 22. They were appreciated by a large crowd in attendance. Hosts were the Historical Society and Swedish Agassiz Heritage Society. Many families enjoyed having the members overnight.

1997 - 5 years ago

Kelly Bengston, Hallock, accepted the county engineer position.

Jason Nupdal, the new nurse practitioner at Kittson Memorial Healthcare Center, began taking appointments June 30.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation closed the Golden Grain bridge on Highway 175 July 7. Work on the bridge will consist of bridge deck repair and rehabilitation.

The Kennedy 42nd Street Song and Dance Co. sang two songs at the grandstand dedication July 6. One of the songs was the last song they sang the night before the tornado destroyed the old grandstand July 9, 1995.

Ellie Levenhagen, Karlstad, won grand in overall dairy cow and grand in dairy cow showmanship. Kyle Levenhagen won grand in dairy steer. He also won in the swine category at the Kittson County Fair.

Apple Pie winners at the Bake of Taste contest during the Kittson County Fair were: Edythe Jaszczak, Lancaster, sixth place; Margaret Adamson, Hallock, fifth place; Bonnie Pearson, Hallock, fourth place; Theresa Gillie, Hallock, third place; Marcia Syverson, Kennedy, second place, and Diana Tunheim, Kennedy, first place.