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Diamond, Robert
B: 1819, England
D: 21 Mar 1878, Charlottetown, PEI
M: 23 Mar 1843, Ann (or Anne) Cudmore (b. England) St. Paul's Anglican Church, Charlottetown, PEI, by L. C. Jenkins, Rector Marriage Book 1839 -1844 page 310

Robert Diamond was reported to have lived in South Winsloe where Dan Coles later lived.

FN: James T. Diamond
MN: Mary Proctor

1861 census stated all were Bible Christians

Ann (or Anne) Cudmore
C: 08 Oct 1820 Cheldon Parish, Devon, England
D: 15 Jun 1875
FN: Hugh Cudmore
MN: Rebecca Dyment / Diamond m. 1816 Cheldon Parish, Devon, England

Some source said Ann was 3rd child. - but that doesn't seem to compute.

Children of Robert Diamond and Ann Cudmore:

1. Mary Ann Diamond
B: 20 Aug 1846, Winsloe, PEI
Bapt: 26 Sep 1846 by Rev. L. C. Jenkins at St. Paul's Angl Church, Ch'town
M: Charles Bryanton (or Bryenton) foster son, Leslie 1/2 brother of Charles.

2. Louise Diamond
B: 1847
M: Henry Williams (as his 2nd wife) His 1st wife was a Cudmore and possibly related to Louise. No children.

3. John Diamond (Johnnie)
B: 04 Nov 1848 (Jun 21?)
D: 08 Oct 1926
M: 10 Nov 1874 Elizabeth (or Lizzie) Unknown b. 02 Nov 1850 d. 11 Dec 1926

4. Elizabeth Jane Diamond
B: 07 Oct 1850
Bapt: 07 Mar 1851 at St. Paul's Angl. Ch'town by L. C. Jenkins
D: Before 1878
M: Wm. James Ferguson

5. James Allen Diamond
B: 11 Jan 1855, PEI
D: 01 Jul 1919, Minneapolis, MN
M: 31 Mar 1875, Amelia Matthew b. 22 Apr 1857, Cornwall, PEI d. 17 Apr 1938

6. Jacob Diamond (Jake)
B: 1858
D: 15 Dec 1922, Age 64

Reported to be deaf / mute who was highly intelligent and able to communicate by sign language of his own.

7. Christopher James Diamond
It was reported that this might be James Christopher MacDonald, Louisa's son, but called James C. Diamond). It is also reported that Christopher went to Ontario to look for work and stayed with a woman who gave him and a friend from N.B. work for the winter. Both of the men went to Vancouver, B.C. and settled there. They built a house together and after they were married, continued to live together until they could afford another house beside the first one and then lived separately.

Lowell's Directory published in 1871 showed the following in WINSLOE ROAD which was described as a village situated in Township 33, parish of Charlotte, County of Queens. Winsloe Road is 8 miles from Charlottetown, 28 miles from Georgetown and 35 miles from Summerside:

James Diamond, Winsloe Road, Lot 33

James Diamond, Jr., Winsloe Road, Lot 33

Robert Diamond, Winsloe Road, Lot 33

George Cudmore, Winsloe Road, Lot 33

Robert Cudmore, Winsloe Road, Lot 33

William Cudmore, Winsloe Road, Lot 33

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