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Docherty, Angus D.
B: 1794, Portree, Isle of Skye, Inverness, Scotland
D: Buried: Belfast Cemetery, PEI
M: Catherine MacCleod, dau of Malcolm MacLeod and Euphemia MacDonald. She was b. in Isle of Skye, Inverness, Scotland.

FN: Donald Docherty
MN: Anne Stewart

Angus Docherty was nine years old when he emigrated with his parents Anne Stewart and Donald Docherty from Portree Isle of Skye on the Polly in 1803 source: PEI Past and Present page 417. Editors: Hon. D.A. MacKinnon and Hon. A.B. Warburton.

Children of Angus Docherty and Catherine MacLeod:

Donald Docherty, Capt.
B: 1821, Befast, PEI
D: 29 Feb 1904, Cardigan, PEI

Christy Docherty
B: 01 May 1824, Glasvine, Pinette, PEI

Catherine Docherty
B: 09 Jun 1827, Glasvine, Pinette, PEI

Henrietta Docherty
B: 31 Mar 1829

Angus Docherty
B: 25 Jun 1831, Glasvine, Pinette, PEI

Margaret Docherty
B: 18 Jun 1833, Glasvine, Pinette, PEI

Malcolm Docherty
B: 10 Feb 1837, Glasvine, Pinette, PEI
M: Christina MacQueen b. Orwell, PEI