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Dyment, John
B: Abt 1801
C: Bapt. 02 Aug 1801, Bradworthy, Devonshire, England
D: 1878, Lynden, Ontario, Canada
M: 24 Apr 1823, Elizabeth Jones, Bapt. 11 Dec 1803, Holdsworthy, Devonshire, England d. 1897, Lyndon, Ontario, Canada, Bur: Dyment Cemetery, Lynden, Ontario.

FN: John Dayment
MN: Sarah Petherwick

Children of John Dyment and Elizabeth Jones:

1. John Dyment
B: 21 Oct 1827, Bradworthy, Devonshire, England
D: 1901, Canada
M: 1823, Elizabeth Elliott

2. Elizabeth Dyment
C: Bapt. 1828, Bradworthy, Devonshire, England
D: 1924, Napierville, IL, US

3. Sarah Dyment
C: Bapt. 24 May 1829, Bradworthy, Devonshire, England
D: 1890, North Branch, MI, US

4. Mary Anne Dyment
C: 24 Oct 1830, Bradworthy, Devonshire, England
D: 1912, Lynden, Ontario

5. Nathaniel Dyment
C: Bapt. 12 Feb 1832, Bradworthy, Devonshire, England
D: Unknown, Barrie, Ontario

6, Peter Dyment
B: 1834
Christening: 19 Jan 1934, Bradworthy, Devon, England

7. William Dyment
B: 1835, Lynden, Ontario
D: 1910

8. Eliza Dyment
B: 1837, Lynden, Ontario

9. Charles Dyment
B: 1839, Lynden, Ontario

10. Peter Dyment
B: 1840, Lynden, Ontario
D: 1922, Dundas, Ontario

11. Henry Dyment
B: 1842, Lynden, Ontario
D: 1929

12. Elanor Dyment
B: 1843, Lynden, Ontario

13. Thomas Dyment
B: 1847, Lynden, Ontario

14. Phillip Dyment
B: Unknown, Lynden, Ontario
D: Age 70+

Elizabeth Jones was born in Devonshire, England in 1803 and married John Dyment in 1823. They had their first five children in England and then emigrated to Canada around 1833. They traveled with John's brother, Humphrey, and his family and it took six weeks to sail to Canada. Humphrey and his family decided to settle on Prince Edward Island. John and Elizabeth and their family continued traveling to an area near Lynden, Ontario, Canada. They cleared the land and lived on the farm until 1874 when they moved to Lynden.


The Dyments (Revised and updated by John N. Dyment)

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