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Dyment, John
B: 21 Oct 1827, Bradworthy, Devonshire, England
D: 1901, Canada
M: 1852, Elizabeth Elliott

FN: John Dyment
MN: Elizabeth Jones

Children of John Dyment and Elizabeth Elliott:

1. Margaret Dyment
B: 1847, Lynden, Ontario, Canada

2. John Dyment
B: 1853, Lynden, Ontario, Canada
D: 1916, Barrie, Ontario

3. Adam Dyment
B: 1856, Lynden, Ontario, Canada

4. Elizabeth Dyment
B: 1859, Lynden, Ontario, Canada
D: 1933, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

5. Ella Dyment
B: 1861, Lynden, Ontario, Canada
D: 1903
M: John Chappel, b. 1854, d. 1930, widowed 1903 m. Eliza Curphey

6. Solomon Dyment
B: 1862, Lynden, Ontario, Canada
D: 1933

7. Humphrey Dyment
B: 1865, Lynden, Ontario, Canada
D: 1938, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

8. Hiram Dyment
B: Unknown
D: 1934, Dundas, Ontario, Canada

9. Mary Dyment
B: 1870, Lynden, Ontario, Canada
D: 1907

10. Eliza Dyment
B: Unknown, Lynden, Ontario, Canada
D: Uknown, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

11. Edmond Dyment
B: Unknown, Lynden, Ontario, Canada
D: Unknown, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

John Dyment was born in Devonshire, England in the year 1827. His parents emigrated to Canada with their five children around the year 1833. They then set up a successful farm near Lynden, Ontario, and had eight more children. John married Elizabeth Elliot in 1852. They lived for a short time on the farm beside that of his parents before moving to a 160 acre farm on the second lot east of Christie Church in the township of West Flamburough. He was known as a very honest man, and was very successful as a farmer. They had eleven children, six of which were sons. He gave each of this sons a farm varying in size between 125 and 165 acres. John continued to live and work on the farm until his death in 1901.

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The Dyments (Revised and updated by John N. Dyment)

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