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Ecklund, Swan Martin
M: 1890, Magdalena Staffenson d. 1945, age 77

FN: Unknown
MN: Unknown

Children of Swan Martin Ecklund and Magdalena Staffenson:

Swan Martin Ecklund
B: 01 Mar 1892, Near Lancaster, MN
D: 14 Aug 1969
M: 14 Jun 1916, Hattie Amelia Anderson

Swan Martin Backe (Bakke), who was fatherless at 14 days due to his father being gored by an oxen, took his step-father's name after his mother married Lars Eklund on 16 Jun 1894. He added the "c" to make it Ecklund. After she remarried, she not only had her 2 year old son, Swan, but seven step-children as well and was to bear 7 more children from this marriage who were: Amanda, Alfred, Mary Emeline, Esther, and Eldora

Children of Swan Martin Ecklund and Hattie Amelia Anderson:

Marvin Leroy Ecklund
B: 27 Aug 1917
D: Feb 1940

Rosella Evangeliine Ecklund
B: 05 Jul 1919
M: 26 Nov 1942, Orville Henry Moritz

Children of Orville Moritz and Rosella Ecklund:

Darrell Moritz
M: Cheryl Thomas, they had 2 children: Tammy Thomas and Mendy Moritz

Kathleen Ecklund
M: James Burris

Howard Hilton Ecklund
B: 07 May 1921
D: 17 May 1945, WWII

Camilla Ecklund
B: 15 Aug 1923
M: 11 Sep 1948, Norman A. Johnson

Children of Norman Johnson and Camilla Ecklund:

Karne Johnson

Douglas Johnson

Brian Johnson

Julie Johnson

David Johnson

Douglas Walfred Ecklund
B: 06 Dec 1925
D: Infancy

Anna Mae Magdaline Ecklund
B: 11 May 1928
M: Leonard Blade

Children of Leonard Blade and Anna Mae Ecklund:

Thomas Blade

Sandra Blade

Dean Blade

Carol Blade

Daughter Ecklund