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Engson, Erick
B: 08 Jun 1853, Sweden
E: Emigrated 1882
D: 1945
M: Lisa Unknown b. 18 Aug 1855. Lisa and son, Edward, arrived in Hallock on 24 Jun 1883 d. 1947


Children of Erick Engson and Lisa Unknown:

Edward Engson
B: 31 Aug 1880, Sweden
E: With his mother to Hallock, MN on 24 Jun 1883
M: Thyree Bergstrom d. 1934

Children of Edward Engson and Thyree Bergstrom:

Ermentrude Engson
B: 11 Jan 1914
M: Vernon Buettner

Children of Vernon Buettner and Ermentrude Engson:

John Michael Buettner
B: 19 Jun 1948
M: Unknown

Children of John Buettner and Unknown:

Aleksi John Buettner
B: 01 Nov 1971

Karin Sue Buettner
B: 03 Dec 1944