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Enman, Jeremiah - 24
B: Abt 1748, Troyo, Rensselaer, New York
D: Abt 1783, New York. COD: American Revolution
M: Abt 1776, Margaret Benoit
b. Abt 1750 d. Abt 1842, Vernon River, Queens, PEI

It has been said that the name was changed from Inman to Enman during time of American Revolution and also recorded in some places as Henman.

FN: Michael Inman
MN: Hannah Benson

Children of Jeremiah Enman and Margaret Benoit:

David Enman
B: 30 Apr 1778, New York, NY, USA
D: Aft 1841, Vernon River, Queens, PEI, Canada
M: 25 Mar 1797, Mary Chandler Mellish in Vernon River, Queens, PEI, Canada.

Jeremiah Enman
B: 03 Oct 1780, New York, NY
D: 03 Sep 1857, Vernon River, Queens, PEI
M: 1804, Margaret Fraser in Vernon River, Queens, PEI, Canada b. 30 Nov 1787 in Inverness, Scotland d. 18 Nov 1865 in Vernon River, Queens, PEI, Canada. LDS notes say she was b. in New York in 1784. She was buried in 1864, Vernon River, Queens, PEI, Canada.

It is believed that this Jeremiah Enman was born in New York state. His father was killed in the service during the war and Jeremiah left New York, and later settled in Prince Edward Island, Canada he took with him his mother and brother Thomas about this time the spelling changed from Inman to Enman. It cannot be proven that David is his brother, but it is assumed he was. Some sources say that David and Jeremiah were sons of Jeremiah and Margaret Benoit. His mother remarried James Laird. It is assumed that they were all descendants of Edward Inman who came to Providence, Providence, Rhode Island from England.

Thomas Enman
B: Abt. 1782, New York
D: Abt. 1882
M: 1809, Snazelle Sawtelle b. Abt. 1784 in New York; d. Abt. 1884


Family tradition has it that Jeremiah Enman a Dutchman arrived in New England prior to the American Revolutionary War during which conflict he was killed while fighting on the side of the British. Tradition goes on to say that his widow one Margaret Benoit subsequently came to P.E.I. to take up lands awarded as recompense for her husband's service to the Crown. It is further narrated that she was accompanied by two sons Thomas & Jeremiah and that she later was married again to one James Laird, a Scot who had settled on P.E.I. before the turn of the 18th Century. An interesting sidelight is contained in a 1969 statement by Mr. John R. Enman of Victoria West, P.E.I. to the effect that Jeremiah's widow was, before her 2nd marriage, sometimes referred to as "Lady Enman", but whether this was an indication of a link with the nobility or resulted from her penchant for affecting lady like ways is not known. Another possibility is that Laird and his bride to be had their names linked colloquially as "Laird & Lady Enman", a humorous turn of phrase which doubtless would have appealed to their contemporaries, however this, admittedly, is pure conjecture. Somewhat at odds with family tradition is information contained in the book, "Past & Present of P.E.I.", stating that "Jeremiah Enman was a native of Germany who went to New York in an early day. Upon the outbreak of war of the Revolution he joined the English Army, being an ardent Loyalist, and at the close of the war he came to P.E.I. with Governor Fanning, an English General". The same publication, refers to Jeremiah I's son Jeremiah II who "was a native of New York City, was a United Empire Loyalist and was brought to P.E.I. by his stepfather, James Laird, and here received a grant of 500 acres of land at Vernon River where he remained until death". Elsewhere in the same publication, references made to Jeremiah II's death at the age of 65 yrs. Each version of the coming of the Enman Family to P.E.I. has it's latter day adherents, and the chief reason for including both here is that certain other (unrelated) facts in the reference are known to be false; accordingly, dogmatic pronouncements regarding the accuracy of either version should be treated with caution. On first reading, it is apparent that, between the two versions, a number of anomalies exist, including Jeremiah I's country of origin; whether he died during the American Revolution or subsequently; and whether either Thomas or Jeremiah II, or both accompanied their mother (and/or father) to P.E.I. in the first instance, or followed later. JEREMIAH I DUTCH OR GERMAN? Regarding Jeremiah I's country of origin, it is not impossible that Jeremiah was, at one and the same time, a Dutchman who came to the New World from Germany. The author's father, A. R. Enman of New Glasgow, NS. tells a traditional story which holds that the Enmans were once an English family named "Inman" Info received from P.E.I. Archives, submitted 1954. Margaret: Last name uncertain. Bennett?