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Dennis L. Matthews


Kittson County Enterprise Article, August12, 1998

It has been a pleasure to create, build, and maintain theRed River Valley Website on the Internet.

When personal computers became available decades ago, Istarted a computer data base of information on people who settled in theRed River Valley.. During the years, hard copies of this information wereprinted out and given to requesters but I was pleased when the Internetemerged to allow the sharing of this information with a wider audience.The website allows people in any part of the world to access the information.

Having been born and raised for about the first dozen yearsof my life in a little three room cottage (one room wasn't used in the winterto save fuel) just north across the street from the Humboldt Church givesme great perspective on the subjects in the website.

When I created the pages for the Humboldt School HistoricalEssays, I thought in many cases that they were being written about me beausewe were subjected to all of the same conditions that the rest of the peoplesuffering through the depression were faced with - maybe moreso. In oneway or another, I am related to most of the families around the NorthernKittson County area which made it enjoyable to work on the website.

A collaborator in the original collection of the familyinformation was my first cousin, Marva Diamond Hanson. The information collectedup to 1994 was printed out in a large loose-leaf notebook called "PrinceEdward Island to Red River Valley. " It was so named because of thelarge number of families who came from Prince Edward Island, Canada to settlein the area.

This book was donated to the Kittson County HistoricalSociety in Lake Bronson and to the Hallock Library for reference purposes.Since that time, family information has been added for many families fromother origins.

Bea Bahr and Marva Diamond Hanson located copies of theRed River Historical Essays done by the Humboldt School in the years 1968- 1975. We made copies of these essays for two large notebooks which weredonated to the Kittson County Historical Society and the Hallock Library.The Historical Essays are an important source of historical informationon the settlers and subjects of the area and will become more valuable withthe passage of time.

A web page has been created and linked to the website forarticles of historical nature that have appeared in the Kittson County Enterprise.This is new and will grow according to the number of pertinent articlesthat can be found.

Another webpage has been created and linked to the sitefor the Kittson County Historical Society. The top five winners of their1998 Genealogy Essay contest have been posted. As essays from this sourceare received, they will be added to this page.

Web pages have been created for all of the families whosenames are underlined on the main page and for all of the essays.

People are invited to visit the site and, if they do nothave direct access to the Internet, they may access the site through computersin various libraries and other locations.

People are invited to send information if they would liketo have a family page on the website. One local family has 140 family namesincluded in the data base and another has 231. Bits and pieces of familyinformation are welcomed to start a page.

The Red River Valley website is linked to other nationaland international websites so that it may be accessed when people are lookingfor information in other sources. For example, one visitor from Englandwas collecting information on the Clow family from the Suffolk area of Englandwhich tied in to the Clow information in the RRV website. This allowed ourtaking the Clow history back more generations to the Suffolk area.

My objective for creating the Red River Valley websiteis to provide a site of useful and interesting information as a legacy tothe area that hopefully will be perpetuated by generations to come.

The website may be accessed via the following website address: